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RIP Billy Packer, 82...

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He was perhaps best known for being part of  the legendary NBC crew with Dick Enberg and Al McGuire on college basketball broadcasts.  Well, that and being partial to the ACC, perhaps understandably, given that he was a star at Wake Forest.

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1 hour ago, HemiBeers said:

that was the best basketball tv team ever. packer and mcquire had great chemistry.

McGuire always viewed himself as the big picture guy and seemed to have an innate sense of when momentum in a game would change, while Packer was more x's and o's, which was helpful in that regard.


One thing about Packer I didn't really like was that he was continually discounting the Bird ISU team, saying they didn't belong in the upper echelon of the sport the year they went undefeated till the finals.  That was a fun team to watch; most of the games were on regional public TV in Indiana.  I still remember Bobby Heaton hitting a half court 2 pointer :) vs NM State to save the undefeated season and send the game into OT.


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