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Barbara Walters dies aged 93


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RIP Babs


The deathlist guys will be furious, she wasn't on the list for 2022 but she was first choice for 2023. Already they're crying out "oh shite if only she could have lived one more day...maybe two...let her live, let her live, if only for one more day..."

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On 12/31/2022 at 6:42 AM, Turbine Freight said:




Remember when she interviewed Norm Macdonald on the View in the early 90s? She had about 10 strokes when he repeatedly called Clinton a murderer.

I have mixed thoughts about her as an indie but he and Dennis Miller were damn right about OJ.  Guilty AF.  Loved how they grilled him on SNL and HBO in the mid 90s.


At least they were funny unlike Rob carrot/stapler Schneider.





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