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Is anyone watching the USFL?

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I remember as a kid being so fascinated by all the new teams, logos, etc. of the upstart USFL (I was a Chicago Blitz fan, from afar), but I wasn't even remotely interested in this rebooted version, and I haven't watched a minute of it all season.  Now I see their championship is next week!


Is this thing viable and watchable? Is this likely to go the way of other recent spring leagues?

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Its hard to watch.  All of the regular season games were played in Birmingham and there was virtually no crowd, which doesn't help given there really isn't any natural affinity with any of the teams.  (Apparently all of the playoff games are in Canton, including today's though I didn't watch.)  The play is passable, but not great.    Unlike in 1983, there are, in my opinion, many other sports options, golf, baseball (I have Extra Innings), playoff hockey, and even auto racing that I would choose over the USFL.


Although if the only other option was 54 hole exhibition golf, bring on the Michigan Panthers and Tampa Bay Bandits.

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