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New Rick Beato video that I'm only posting (without having watched it yet even), because I'm pretty sure Mick might be interested in it. "Why Did Steely Dan Change Their Sound?"

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I'll likely watch this later, as it seems like a fascinating topic to me (moreso personally than hearing him breakdown Xanadu for 40 minutes because I know it so well already). But mainly I'm posting this for Mick, who has long complained that Steely Dan just lost a killer edge in their sound when they did Aja that they had previously perfected on The Royal Scam. From the looks of it, I think Beato discusses that here.


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Hey i've said this over and over again.  i like Aja.  do i LOVE it?  nope.  too perfect and slick.  it's the same issue with Toto IV for me (that and just weaker hooks)


anyway.......yea albums like Can't Buy a Thrill, Countdown To Ecstasy, Pretzel Logic and The Royal Scam (my fav) have a more raw edge to them.  killer guitar solos too.


AHHH Steely Dan.:wub:



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I’ll look forward to watching this later, Rick is awesome!


Just saw Steely Dan’s Earth After Hours tour a week ago!  4th time seeing them!  What an awesome show, and Donald’s voice is in great form.  Helps to have the AWESOME back up singers, the Danettes! Musicianship of all members was off the charts, and Keith Carlock was incredible, as always.  He took Aja to a whole new level, which is quite astounding when you think about it…


Haven’t been to a concert in a few years, it was a full house from what I could tell, and it was nice to be out with fellow fans.  Inspiring!!!


Anyway, it’ll be interesting to hear Rick’s take on their sound.

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Steely dan has always changed their sound. They really pushed it with Katy lied (my fave) and to them it was less than sonic perfection. 


TRS is better than aja in my eyes but it's still kick ass.


The differences being more cocaine, more money ,more studio players and more polish.

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