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2112 heard in the opening scenes of a new Netflix show "God's Favorite Idiot"


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I am never sure where to post something about an album, but in reference to general media...


I heard there were poor reviews of the show, Melissa McCarthy and company, but we always liked her and checked out the new show anyways.

There she is speeding along the side walk in a scooter and the music blasting away is "We are the Priests...of the Temples...of Syrinx".

Of all the Rush tunes I have heard in various shows and such over the years, there it was. A rarity for sure.

Why now? Who wanted that in the opener?


Super cool!

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It's no wonder the good McCarthy comedies don't involve her husband, Ben Falcone.  Still not the worst movie or tv show to associate itself with the band.  From a few reviews I've seen on Youtube, That's My Boy is awful and has Adam Sandler with a Rushmobile.


Then again, Adam Sandler is the Walmart/McD's equivalent of comedy so it's no surprise.  I hear his new basketball drama is good, though.  Last comedy of his I didn't completely hate was Anger Management just for Jack Nicholson giving zero f*cks and having a blast.

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