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1991 is the year where Jethro Tull music and Genesis music intersected, where the lines blurred for a while.

Genesis vs Tull - Catfish Rising vs We Can't Dance   

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  1. 1. 1991 battle between bands whose sounds had inexplicably merged...

    • Catfish Rising - Jethro Tull
    • We Can't Dance - Genesis

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2 hours ago, Alex’s Amazing Arpeggios said:

I vote for JT ! 🙂

Yeah me too. It's not the best TULL album but listening to the two albums back to back, the TULL one sounded more fun and rocking and the production sounded more arse-kicking too. I haven't listened to Catfish in a while, it sounded better today than it has for a long time. Definitely the better album of the two.

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I voted for Tull ....... but having said that, I think the Genesis album is sh*te!

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