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Envy of None - Alex "Zivo" Lifeson - A simple poll - Are you buying a copy?


Envy of None - Are you buying this album?  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Envy of None - Are you buying this album?

    • Yes, first day buyer, no hesitation. It's ordered!
    • No way, it's crap. Just because it's Lifeson doesn't make it worthwhile
    • Maybe, I'll think about it
    • I might wait and see, listen to it and see if it grows on me
    • Yes but I won't listen to it most likely
    • I'll buy it and sell it on ebay
    • I just fancy the young woman, I'm a pervert
    • I like the butch, old guy, I'm a man-chaser (Becky Blueschica)
    • Yes, at last a Lifeson release that you can dance the funky chicken neck to
    • I'll kill myself before ever buying a copy
    • I'll download it, I wouldn't pay a penny for it
    • I'll download it too, and if I get caught I'll say Fridge put me up to it, if I'm going down I'll bring him with me!
    • Fridge here, look no one is "bringing me down" anywhere. You couldn't handle the job.
    • This is Earl...It's not heavy metal! I WANT A HEAVY METAL ALBUM FROM LIFESON! f**k you ALL to HELL!
    • My name is Maverick, I prefer an album of instrumentals at the standard and style of La Villa and YYZ. Anything else is bullshite!
    • Tony R here, I challenge Fridge to a curmudgeon-off and if I lose I'll grudgingly buy a copy of the album. But that's never ever going to happen, no one can beat me, especially not Fridge!
    • Fridge here again, to Tony R: You better get ready to buy that album, you ain't beating me sonny Jim, not in this lifetime!
    • JohnnyBlaze here, I don't buy albums, I f**k hot women! I haven't got time for anything else, that's why I'm never here anymore! Now use your money to buy me drinks and stop being stupid...
    • Rod From RIO and Toronto here, I don't buy albums I run marathons and I stay hard for the full 26 miles. It helps to think about Tony R's rotund figure...
    • Zepphead here, when I heard this album was coming out I started selling myself on street corners to sailors. I did this to prove I wouldn't buy the album...that's my story anyway...Hello Sailor!!
    • 73 here to restore order...I'll take the copy that Tony R buys after he loses to Fridge!
    • Tony R here, to Fridge: you're gonna be old and grey before I ever lose a curmudgeon-off. 73 you'll have to get your copy from Fridge after he's lost and is a quivering mess
    • Becky Blueschica here, I'm the entertainment for the pre-tournament section of the curmudgeon-off. I'm going to strip for the boys!

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i'm embarrassed by my first impressions to this album, got Al all over it LOOK INSIDE reminds me of BU2B thought what the f*ck is that became one of my fav rush tracks this is the guy who did the Necromancer now in 2022 his sh*t is all over the place i love what he doing here is all over the album is what he was born to evolve into i cant wait for their next album

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On 4/22/2022 at 7:33 PM, treeduck said:

Who've they got?


Nobody yet. A band will be put together that won't include Curran of Alex. (who might make appearances here and there. ) I think there will be a tour, but who knows the parameters at this point. Album seems to be doing better than expected but it seems like expectations were low or non-existent.

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On 4/22/2022 at 7:26 AM, J2112YYZ said:

I'm more interested in how Alex is going to adjust to playing clubs and living off a tour bus again. He's not going to have the same luxuries he did during Rush's last few tours.



He's not touring although he may show up once in a while. Seeing Alex live under these conditions will be few and far between if at all. He's only there for the fun of creating.

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