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The biopics discussion/game thread!


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(If this should be in a different forum, I don't mind at all)


Simple concept:


I'll start by naming a fairly famous actor or actress.


Next poster decides a current actor/actress who should play that person in some sort of future biopic, and give some reasons why.

Same poster then choose a different actor/actress for the NEXT poster to discuss in the same fashion.


Keep the chain going and going!



Poster A: "Leonardo DiCaprio!"

Poster B: "I think (Actor X) because (reasons, reasons, and further reasons)" - "Next up: Eddie Murphy"

Poster C: "I think (Actor Y) because (reasons and continued reasons)"....


Look forward to the discussion!



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Think you've got it backwards a bit ;)

The question is who should portray Al Pacino in a biopic about Al Pacino.

Though you may have inadvertently come across a cool casting in Sam Rockwell - I'd see that!

"Sam Rockwell as Al Pacino in the Al Pacino story - "All out of order!" " ;)

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Well, his son is an actor from the Ocean's trilogy. Scott, obviously. :lol:


Jack Nicholson :cool:

Christian Slater. His performance in Heather's always struck me as being modeled after Nicholson.


Danny DeVito

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