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Just Released Interview of NP in 1994


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To quote Tony R above: ...meet and greet recipients are not real people, apparently.


Indeed, and he contradicts hmself later, as in:


20:16 We're addressing equals, not trying to talk down to our audience or be pretentious.


...and then:


21:07 So you think your audience is smart? Yeah, I think they are as smart as we are.


That aside, a little humour:


22:26 I ask myself these existential questions on stage sometimes when I'm sitting there thinking first of all 'why am I here?'.


Because you were there matey, roll the bones.


22:43 And then wherever we are, I look out at the audience and say, okay, here we are in Phoenix, or here we are in Atlanta or whatever, at least 10,000 Atlanta Heights or Nashville or, you know, Cincinnati or Indianapolis or whatever. I look out at these people sometimes I think, well why are they here?


Because we were there matey, because we were there - roll the bones (come on Neil, you wrote the book on this stuff).

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Quoting Frank Zappa responding to the question why he doesn't play ''Love Songs'': because ''they are destructive'' Must be because love is destructive...
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