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New Sloppy Foot Cowboys


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I've listened through 3+ times now. Most of the songs are compositionally well written and professionally performed (sans the occasional vocal part that might be a touch rough). There's definitely some production stuff that distracts me from truly enjoying some of it. The drums are extremely programmy sounding, I'm not sure there's a single measure on the album that has any groove/feel. And the sometimes hyperactive ride and cymbal work, being hard panned, only further distracts and emphasizes the rigid / non groovy nature of the drum parts. Pocketdream comes closer than most tracks to have anything resembling 'feel'. Nice Soundgarden vibe on that track btw. I think you guys need to splurge on a Roland SPD drum pad to perform the drum parts versus mapping them out on a grid.


The guitars and bass are sometimes washed out in effects, to their detriment rather than effect/impact.


The pros in the mix are the subtle elements that I can hear better on headphones than in the car, like the backing vocals on Sustaining Acceleration near the end that I could barely make out in the car even with the volume turned up. That's also a con I suppose, as I should be able to hear something as important as a backing vocals track even with minor road noise.


There's a lot of good ideas and even some refreshing production approach on the songs, but as they say the devil is in the details and there's a lot of unevenness in instrument presence and impact from moment to moment within songs. The mix gets a 'serviceable' grade, perhaps a bit better. It's comprable to what I hear people float as demos nowadays. Home production has evolved to the point that it's expected to be closer to studio than novice, despite our often humble equipment and time constraints. It's just where the yard stick sits.


My favorite tracks were "Pocketdream", "Gravity of Fear" [holy f***ing Megadeth tribute lol], and "Juggernaught" [a better mix would really help elevate this one]. There's plenty to enjoy on most of the songs. The mix or vocals or clicky drums prevents me from comitting to the other tracks.


Thank you! Rest assured, more is in the works, and any advice is always appreciated.

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