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  1. It's fine. Not hearing anything that's going to make me run out and buy it. After Ear Candy my personal musical tastes drifted away from King's X. For me they had a clear sweet spot across a couple albums that worked for me. Foo Fighters would be another band that have two albums I love to death, back to back, but everything before and since not regular rotation worthy.
  2. For me as well, the only other Tull album not named Aqualung I enjoy. I'd be getting it mostly for the surround mix, but I'm basically not listening to surround music anymore so it's a bit of money to spend for something I may only spin once.
  3. I've managed a couple full listens in the car, overall positive as well. It seems like a continuation of where they left off on The Incident, which isn't may favorite material but it's still better than a lot of other things I could be listening to. Maybe the surround mix will reveal some things (going to be a bit until the bluray arrives).
  4. Interesting poll. I'm partial to Paul's solo stuff and this song, but both are classics and worthy in their own ways. Imagine captures an era, the context for the song forgotten a bit through time. I'm a hippie at heart. I think peace and love is better than whatever alternative (war and profit?) we've landed on nowadays. The song should still resonate very loudly today, but there's just too much noise from all directions.
  5. As much as I tend to gravitate towards music in odd (non 4/4) signatures, I don't find myself counting along or doing a lot of these in my own music. I think it's just how these songs can sometimes 'feel' creative in a way it's more challenging to accomplish through pure riff mastery in 4/4. Adds an element of depth that can carry even otherwise ordinary compositions (All You Need is Love a good example from the video -- simple riff to play but the odd time signature injects some very enjoyable/unique feel to the song).
  6. Very well could be, I said 7/4 based on my memory of what SW said so of course either of our memories could be wrong. lol
  7. I got the same notification by email this morning. Thanks for the pro tip, I just did the same thing (cancelled/ordered from Burning Shed).
  8. Here's an example of 7/4 done masterfully well, it would have been near the top of any such list I would create.
  9. Busted out some obscure Zappa. Everyone Wants to Rule the World feels odd, even though it's in 6/4 (12/8). Turn It On and All You Need Is Love were the surprises from this list for me, both are great tracks and flow so well.
  10. I feel bad for the reviewers, the power they must have over them for not a single copy to trickle out from all those music nerd hands. Reviewer: "I'd like to review your album, Mr PT." Mr PT: "Sign here in blood. Which of your children will you be using as collateral?"
  11. Chomping at the bit for a leak. Doubt I'll have the box set arrive by release day. I've enjoyed the first three released tracks gonna skip listening to Rats just because I want something 'new' to enjoy.
  12. Checking out the title track on bandcamp now... tight! I liked Richard's solo album (Cocoon) from a couple years ago. Thanks for the reminder, I need to circle back on that it's ben a while. There's no shortage of individual talent in this band.
  13. That's a well thought out post, and I was agreeing until the end. For the reason you mentioned him, and for the reason his 14 grammy nominations was news in the music world, Batiste is a very glaring exception to the general rule. And without the 'Colbert bump' it's unlikely he would have garnished the attention and/or record deal that led to that award winning recording.
  14. I was about 2 years old, in a different kind of haze. And probably pretty crabby about it!
  15. Isn't going to be me, just to spite you.
  16. Prince was from this decade, that might be a valid argument in suggesting it was a time of variety in the mainstream. His music was, and still is, a bit strange when you consider it was as popular as it was. Prince was also an early adopter of music video and also supports the argument that his choices that landed him time on MTV were a big factor in the success he had. Truth be told, I didn't care for Prince during his peak years during the 80s. Until one of his 90s albums caught my ear did I go back to his first few albums and appreciate them. So while MTV drove my CD buying into mainstream bands like Tears For Fears, Thomas Dolby, Thompson Twins, Cindy Lauper, Men at Work, Weird Al, Def Leopard, etc there were other bands that it did nothing to improve the appreciation of their music enough to prompt a music purchase. Music is after all subjective, so what we like we like, what we don't we don't. Not even MTV video brainwashing changed that, it was just a conduit like any music delivery medium to get music to our ears.
  17. He does the song justice I guess. I'd be more interested in hearing what he could come up given the song to work out his own of parts (he does a few embellishments that indicate it would be a cool exercise). Lars by this time was clearly in some sort of decline, physically or inspirationally. Pretty much any average metal drummer could probably come up with a more 'interesting' part, although listening to this guy play and hearing Lars's parts playing in my mind and noting where this guy misses, is a testament to Lars's parts being an underrated component in the song. I love this guy's 'vibe' though, super down to earth and kiling it = humble.
  18. My post was mostly in response to another member's post. "Just speaking for myself", I've mostly leaned on word of mouth to get introduced to new bands in the past decade+ [plus a brief 1 year stint writing prog music reviews]. I don't spend as much time listening to music now, so a slow accumulation of a few new artists a year seems to be enough to keep my interest. I can't imagine blindly sorting through Bandcamp (or Spotify/Pandora/etc) is much fun, but that's why they offer streams based on genre and that's a least a start. It's like turning on the radio to the oldies, classical, pop, easy listening or classic rock station back when record companies didn't completely control the playlists like they do now. Some degree of randomness, just with a lot more selection.
  19. Wow, cool resource. Now I know where I 'found' Catherine Wheel (their videos appeared on the show several times in 1993 / 1994, which is definitely at a time I was watching). Lots of good stuff late 80s into the mid 90s on that show.
  20. ItCotCK is a great album, although I like Red a bit more from that early KC era. Genesis from that era is a whatever for me. Just not my vibe. However, later 70s/80s Genesis is some of my favorite pop prog(?) ever created. Greg Lake is one of my favorite rock singers. He must rank among the very best across all rock genres, right? Phil, on the other hand, is fine and has come up with some good melodies over the years but just doesn't have a pleasing enough voice to be in the same poll.
  21. Violator era is what I know them for. Dark electronic rock.
  22. My reaction when I saw the notification that I was quoted was "ugh". Appreciate the reply.
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