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Neil Peart Tribute in Rhythm Magazine


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Hi everyone!


I've asked the forum admin if it would be okay to post about Rhythm Magazine's up-coming special tribute to Neil, out at the end of this month (November 2020).


We have been working on this issue for a while now - we had to shut temporarily when shops and airports closed earlier this year, and so this issue, due out originally in April, is long overdue and much anticipated, but it has also given us the opportunity to really craft it - and it is a truly amazing tribute to The Professor.


We have the main feature about Neil, covering his life as a drummer and world-famous member of Rush, his sound and various setups and his personal journey as a musician, lyricist and man. Then we have a moving set of tributes from drummers he influenced and inspired, including Mike Portnoy (who's written a brilliant Recommended Listening article all about his favourite Rush albums and tracks, and why), Jon Theodore, Marco Minnemann, Craig Blundell, Tim 'Herb' Alexander, Peter Erskine and many more; and from people in the industry, including John Good at DW and Chris Stankee at Sabian.


And rounding it out, we have a spread devoted to Neil's drummer teacher, Freddie Gruber, who Neil learned from later in his drumming career, helping him with his setup and method, helping him move more fluidly around his set - this is by Dave Weckl and Steve Smith, two very well-known drummers who also studied with Freddie.


We are a drumming mag in the UK but we sell the magazine in shops around the world, though not everywhere, and so in case anyone here would be interested, I wanted to give some details about it and links to our online shop: www.rhythmdrumnetwork.com A copy is selling for £5.99 (UK delivery), prices change by delivery location to include p+p. Subscriptions - if you are interested in drumming or are a drummer yourself - start at £49.99 (UK) - 10 issues a year (1 every 5-6 weeks).


I hope you find the time to check it out - it is a wonderful tribute paying homage to one of the best drummers and lyricists ever and who is so sorely missed.


Thank you for your time,

Ondine Barry, Publisher

Rhythm Magazine

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The print magazine seems awfully expensive for those of us in North America, at least if purchased from your website. I assume the cost of shipping the issues from the UK figures into that. Will it be available in retail stores (Barnes and Noble, etc.) in the US and Canada at a more "normal" price?
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Hi - yes it is the shipping costs unfortunately - this summer, mail coming into the US had import tariffs increased by 69%, so it costs us £7 to post a copy of the mag to the US (and Canada), but I'm just checking on what the RRP is for Barnes & Nobles and will report back as soon as I find out.


Some exciting news just confirmed this afternoon for the issue is the chance to win a set of the incredible Sabian Paragon Performance cymbals (the kind that Neil had in his setup): https://sabian.com/product/np5005n-paragon-signature-performance-set-14-inch/:


Sonically matched in the SABIAN Vault, and handcrafted from pure SABIAN B20 bronze, the SABIAN Paragon Performance Set includes medium-weight 14″ Paragon Hi-Hats, explosive 16″ Paragon Crash, and powerful 22″ Paragon Ride.

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Hi again - I have found out that the copies will be on sale in the US and Canada (at selected Barnes & Nobles stores) from early January and the US price is set at $12.50 and Canada $16.25.


If anyone does happen to buy a copy, I hope you enjoy it. A lot of love and care has been put into crafting this tribute, and we're very proud of it (and will be sending copies to his family).




Publisher, Rhythm Magazine

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OBarry, the US and Canada price of the upcoming Rhythm Magazine tribute to Neil Peart; with this being a UK import item is typical of other magazines from Europe.


Classic Rock, Prog, Mojo, Uncut, etc. are also European publications, which also have North American prices around the same ballpark figure you mentioned.

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Thank you OBarry, and nice that you shouldered in respectively.


We loves the Neil tributes :) He was an amazing person and so are the other two fellows, of course :)


I think many of us will appreciate the nods to our heroes as time goes on. I hope it continues for a long time. I will watch for the issue and grab a copy when it comes around.

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