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Rush: Albums Elimination - Results


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31. Feedback

30. Snakes & Arrows

29. Rush In Rio

28. A Show Of Hands

27. Time Machine Tour

26. R30

25. Test For Echo

24. Counterparts

23. Different Stages Live

22. Rush

21. Roll The Bones

20. Presto

19. Snakes & Arrows Live

18. Clockwork Angels Tour

17. Grace Under Pressure Tour

16. Hold Your Fire

15. R40

14. Vapor Trails

13. Clockwork Angels

12. 2112

11. Power Windows

10. Caress Of Steel

9. Exit... Stage Left

8. Signals

7. Hemispheres (wtf)

6. Fly By Night

5. All The World's A Stage

4. Grace Under Pressure

3. A Farewell To Kings

2. Permanent Waves

1. Moving Pictures


Love how 2112 is at #12 and Hemispheres at #7

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Interesting results. Ah well... AFTK was a respectable #3.

Some strange positions ... some much lower than they deserve (IMO)...... and one or two (i will not name names ... don't want to create any .. ehem ... pressure!) much higher!

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I missed this poll at the time , as I’m only just

learning how to fully navigate all the different forums.

Hemispheres will always be my number 1 ! :-)

2112 should’ve been higher too !

( Glad P/G made number 4 though )


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