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Popular songs in key changes.

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I enjoyed those. Goes to show that a good song is still a good song even when it's changed up a bit.


The Police track changed the feel a lot though, so to my ears this is a testament to how small changes can have such great effect on how the song is perceived/expressed. The original Every Breath is MUCH better than this minor key version [from a musical standpoint, both of these songs are done well to demonstrate the differences]. Nothing can save this REM song. lol [i like REM, but this track isn't one of the songs I like]

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Rick Beato does a lot of videos demonstrating major and minor scales. They're good to reference because you can hear the differences as he's explaining them (real content starts at around 1:00). Music theory doesn't interest me much, it's mostly a framework and I don't necessarily use it unless I'm stuck writing something. This is only posted because it demonstrates some of what's happening in these videos.



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