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My Rush Tribute from 20+ years ago


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I was lucky enough to play in a Rush (and Pink Floyd) tribute band with 3 very talented musicians back in the late '90's early 2000's. Around 1997 I bought a Roland VS880 digital workstation, and made a Rush Tribute Demo. My engineering skills were not too developed at the time, so the recording is not great. But after recently finding the CD, something struck me. I don't think I've ever heard a Rush tribute nail Geddy's in his prime vocals this well. I play guitar on this, and the keyboardist is the singer.




A set of the same guys doing the Floyd tribute from Feb 2000.



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Very nice. :clap:


Without a doubt, my two favorite bands of all time. :yes:

There is something about both Rush and Pink Floyd in the tone of the guitars to the dedication of above standard musicianship and not being afraid to experiment that sets both those two bands apart from the pack.
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