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  1. Okay, after pouring through videos of shows from the tour, I feel pretty confident in most of these (unless he's switching on the same song from night to night, but I haven't noticed that in non-rotation setlist tracks so far). I took the bass descriptions from the tourbook. If anyone has corrections or new information, please let me know, and I'll update this post. Set 1: The Anarchist - 1972 Fender Jazz Bass (Black) Clockwork Angels - 1972 Fender Jazz Bass (Black) Headlong Flight (with Drumbastica mini drum solo) - 1962 Fender Jazz Bass (Sea Foam Green) Far Cry - 1962 Fender Jazz Bass (Sea Foam Green) The Main Monkey Business - 1965 Fender Jazz Bass (White) One Little Victory - 1967 Gibson Thunderbird II (Polaris White) How It Is - 1967 Gibson Thunderbird II (Polaris White) Animate - 1964 Gibson Thunderbird IV (Sunburst) Roll The Bones (with celebrity rappers video) - 1959 Fender Precision Bass (Olympic White) Distant Early Warning - 1992 Zematis Bass (Black with engraved metal front) Between The Wheels - 1959 Fender Precision Bass (Olympic White) with matching headstock Subdivisions - 1964 Fender Jazz Bass (Sonic Blue with matching headstock) Set 2: Tom Sawyer - 1972 Fender Jazz Bass (Black) Red Barchetta - 1977 Rickenbacker Model 4001 (JetGlo) YYZ - 1972 Fender Jazz Bass (Black) The Camera Eye - 1968 Rickenbacker Model 4001 (BurgundyGlo) The Spirit of Radio - 1966 Fender Jazz Bass (Fiesta Red with matching headstock) Natural Science - 1977 Rickenbacker Model 4001 (JetGlo) Jacob's Ladder - 1965 Fender Precision Bass (Burgundy Mist) Hemispheres: Prelude - 1960 Fender Jazz Bass (Fiesta Red) Cygnus X-1 - 1960 Fender Jazz Bass (Fiesta Red) Closer To The Heart - 1967 Rickenbacker Model 3261 (FireGlo) Xanadu - 1978 Rickenbacker Model 4080/12 (FireGlo) 2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx/Presentation/Grand Finale - 1963 Fender Jazz Bass (Black with matching headstock) Encore: Lakeside Park - 1968 Fender Telecaster Bass (Paisley) Anthem - 1968 Fender Telecaster Bass (Paisley) What You're Doing - 1961 Hofner Solid Body 2 Pickup (Cherry Red) Working Man (Garden Road riff at the end) - 1966 Fender Jazz Bass (Shoreline Gold with matching headstock)
  2. Time Stand Still will premier on The Movie Channel on Friday, December, 15. http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%202015%20The%20Fabulous%20Forum%20Aug%201/IMG_0182_zps3jcu01wd.jpg
  3. This video was posted a few days ago. (The title says "Official" but it does not appear to be associated with the band.) Are there any TRFers shown in here?
  4. Just finished watching the bluray this evening. Sounded just fine in my opinion and met my expectations. However I was really surprised at the lack of Neil footage. There were MANY moments of classic Neil fills that I expected close ups of, which were not caught on camera. Either the camera panned back to Ged or Alex, or did just another of numerous crowd shots. It reminded me of ESL which also had a distinct lack of Neil footage, which was frustrating as a kid for me because I'm such a fan of his, but is acceptable for the time of filming. Now with all of the limitless technology available, it seems like either poor planning or poor editing. Anyone agree??
  5. Am I the only person here who's bothered by the fact that Alex never plays the Earthshine solo live the way it was recorded? As a result I've always felt Earthshine is quite weak live.
  6. According to Rush is a Band, Amazon is now taking preorders for the R40 Live set that will be released on November 20th- "The CD/DVD/BD will be titled R40 Live and is now available for pre-order as three CDs only, as a 3-disc CD/DVD combo, or as a 3-disc CD/Blu-ray combo." 3 CD set- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0164CMT6K?tag=rushisaband-20 $ 21.98 3 CD/DVD set- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0164CMT9M?tag=rushisaband-20 $ 26.98 3 CD/Blu-ray set- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0164CMT7O?tag=rushisaband-20 $ 32.98
  7. So I went to the Tulsa show and had a blast! By far my favorite show of all time, and I won't give spoilers :) However, it would've been much better if the guy behind me hadn't been a drunk a**hole. So, like a normal person at a ROCK concert along with everyone else in the first 4 rows of our section, we stood up even though we were stage side up in the bowl of the BOK center. It was a great view regardless of whether you were standing or sitting. For about 3/4 of the first set, I jammed out on my air instruments with my three other friends, and then I feel a tap on my shoulder from this guy behind us. He says "C'mon guys sit down, we have great seats." So we kindly oblige, but the people in front of us are still standing, and then we ask them to sit down, but they encourage us to stand back up. So with this in mind, we do that and everything goes back to normal. About 5 minutes later, my friend hears rustling behind him and a spillage. He turns around to see the guy spilled a beer "accidentally" all over his flag he had brought. We think to ourselves, alright benefit of the doubt, its a coincidence. At intermission, my friend leaves and goes to wash out his flag. I talk to the guy during intermission and attempt to explain my side of the story and why we're standing, but he wanted none of it. He was not even that intoxicated at this point, but he said "I asked you all "nicely" to sit down, but you didn't, so shit happens and your friend's seat got wet." I was getting pissed at this point, but remained my cool and tried to talk to the guy a little more to diffuse everything. Yet again he wanted none of it and was making derragatory comments about my size (in terms of weight and height) and wanted to "take this "argument" outside." As an aside: Look, I know I'm a pretty big dude, but get over it. Anyway, at this point, I just turn around and wish him well and start taking photos of the stage. As this happens, I can hear him bitching about us to this lady behind him, and now I'm just done. So, I run to an usher at the top of the arena and explain my story and she was very helpful and pleasant and agreed that this was getting out of hand. During the first song of the second set, she got security to come talk to the guy and he didn't do anything/say anything from there on out. I would've sat down/exchanged seats with the guy if he would've handled the situation differently and gave me and my friends respect or if more than 50% of our section was sitting, but unfortunately that didn't happen. So, TL;DR, what is your stance on standing at concerts? Was I in the right for standing and doing what I did?
  8. Since we are halfway through this tour, what are your top 3 songs performed on this tour judging by performance and stage show? Here are mine: 3. Cygnus X-1 Book I (part I, III with drum solo) Groove on this song is just unbelievable, bass intro, lasers etc... 2. Xanadu Do I need to say anything? :D 1. Jacob's Ladder Just... perfect. Honorable mentions: What You're Doing/Working Man, Animate Greetings from Slovenia
  9. Some of my photos from Dallas / Houston / NOLA. Part 1: Alex:
  10. I was wondering if anybody has sent in any vinyl Rush albums, CD booklets, or photos to the venue to be signed by the band? Im going to see the boys June 10th in Buffalo, and I contacted my venue and they said they would forward any fan mail to the band to be signed. Has anybody gotten anything back yet, signed? If so, please post a photo!
  11. Neither St. Louis or Austin are on Youtube!! What's going on?
  12. I was watching fast eddies feed last nite (thanks Eddie!). Unless I fell asleep and had this most wondrous dream, I swear Ged was singing part of Cygnus in Austin on May 16th? When I was watching (or dreaming, R40 live streaming can still be a dream?) Ged was definitely signing Cygnus before the drum solo in Austin. This would be a monumental change to the show? Saw nothing about this last nite on RIAB. I also re watched Cygnus from STL, as I remembered, the early R40 Cygnus version was all instrumental. Just re read the Austin TRF thread around the Cygnus timing, seems that's when Steph's feed cut out. I did not see any comments about this in the topic. Still a little bit on Bob ;) I believe I have seen the second set scope for three of the five shows, so, was this new, Ged singing Cygnus, or was it only a dream?
  13. If y'all have any videos from any of the concerts on this tour, stick them all in this thread so they are easier to track!! Let's start with any from last night in Tulsa!
  14. based on setlist, films before each set, etc., I have been resigned to the fact that Rush will not tour in Europe.
  15. What songs do you think are being rotated in the setlist?
  16. I know everyone has different opinions. This is basically me dying to know whether the Rush community likes the setlist or not. And..maybe I'm trying to find a way to get hints at the setlist without actually looking at it. Please get here June 8!!
  17. Should 20-30 minutes be moved from 1st set to 2nd & encore, for more epics and classics could be played? (This was highly influenced by the live periscope video. Thank you so much to Russell and Lucas for doing that video!)
  18. RushianRoulette


    I know this post probably doesn't belong in the main forum, however I wanted to gain as big a response as possible. Sorry! So, anyway, at the ripe age of 17, I have only recently discovered the wonders of Rush concert bootlegs. They are still a new concept to me, so I have a few questions I'd greatly appreciate any answers to. 1) Where can I find the best quality Rush concert bootlegs? 2) Is there one place where I can find all Rush bootlegs, or do I have to scour numerous sources? 3) Are there bootlegs in existence for every concert Rush have done? 4) Will any of you be bootlegging the R40 tour? 5) What would you say is the best Rush bootleg?? Thank you in advance!! :D
  19. It's sounding more and more definite that R40 will be the last tour... http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/lifeson-on-rush-s-last-big-tour-never-wants-to-be-old-and-barely-able-to-move-1.1866788
  20. Hey Guys!!! One of my friends bailed on me for my 19 hour cross country road trip to see the opening night show!!! Section 112, Row H, Seat 13... It is Geddy side of the stage right next to the stage!!! http://s1.ticketm.net/tm/en-us/tmimages/venue/maps/agf/61056s.gif I paid $245 for the ticket, and I'm asking exactly that!!! Please PM if interested!!!
  21. If anyone has any tickets for Bristow or Irvine they are looking to part with for whatever reason, please email me at ffejherb@gmail.com. Thanks!
  22. I was hoping that they would play Nashville TN, Greenville SC or someplace within a 4 hour drive from Atlanta. Greensboro, NC is the closest to Atlanta at about 5 hours away. I’m considering it although I currently don’t have tickets. If some good seats open up a couple/few days prior to the event I’ll probably go. If I don’t go I’ll regret it.
  23. I found this below article at Rushisaband.com "Speaking of which, animator Norma V. Toraya (aka Crankbunny) has done some work for Rush on recent tours and looks to be doing some work for the R40 Live tour as well, and she may have given away a potential setlist clue via her Instagram account earlier this week. She put up a post this past Wednesday that included an #R40 hashtag, and showed a computer screen with some animation software running. There were a few movie (.mov) files listed where the filenames contain the words Geddy, Alex and Neil, and in the upper left of the photo was an audio file referencing the title of a Rush song. The Instagram account in question has since been made private, but if you are itching to know what the potential spoiler was, just ask around. It isn't a huge spoiler (assuming it even is a spoiler) in the grand scheme of things since it's not a deep track or anything they haven't played live before." Does anyone know what song it was in reference to?
  24. Rush begin their 40th 41st anniversary R40 tour in less than two months! Rush themselves have given us only tiny tidbits (Timbits?) of information as to what we can expect. In a recent interview Geddy stated R40 will be "the last big tour that we're going to do for a while," and that the setlist will be "a celebration of our entire history". As you can imagine, the rumours of what we are going to see and hear are flying fast and furious. I know sometimes the media will be privy to information to information the general public is not, and with that in mind I picked the brain of a Yukon Blade Grinder reporter who I know often visits the Anthem Entertainment offices in Toronto. We met up at the Orbit Room while I was in YYZ, and I discovered that buying the reporter a few maple whiskeys will cause them to spill some secrets. I learned the band is considering the following ideas for the R40 stage show: As the ultimate display of Rush's notorious sense of humour, the Caress of Steel-era songs will be accompanied onstage by dwarves dancing around an 18' (foot!) Stonehenge replica. Since Geddy unfortunately has difficulty hitting the very high notes from the band's early releases, R40 will mark the second time in the band's history they have additional musicians onstage. Those musicians will be a small group of back-up singers who will be "assisting" Geddy with reaching notes such as "Every nerve is torn apart!" from "Cygnus X-1". Other songs will be adapted and sung in a lounge act style to make them easier to sing. The film clips shown during the concerts will include home footage of Neil, Alex, and Geddy taken during their childhood years. Some of this surfaced in Beyond the Lighted Stage, and now we will have a chance to see more. To assist with covering the costs of a tour of this magnitude (several tour buses and trailer-trucks are used to haul crew and gear, while the band takes private planes), the film clip to be played during "I Think I'm Going Bald" will be used to promote Rogaine. What rumours have you heard?
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