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  1. Is your keyboard broken? It looks like you were going to say something but it got cut off.
  2. What exactly are you concerned about? They're two hard rocking songs. They surely aren't going pop like some fans thought with More. Dany is giving her best vocal performance yet in Hell You Call A Dream. They've changed their sound with each album. Nothing they've done sounds like the last thing they did but they make it somehow still sound like The Warning. They're even better performers on stage now than I ever thought they could be. I just see nothing but a band improving and expanding their sound and becoming better and more versatile songwriters.
  3. I don't know if you've given those new songs a listen but apparently during Hell You Call A Dream, Dany hits and F5 note which is the highest note Floor Jansen can hit. If you've ever seen Dany sing on some of her Instagram lives or when she might do something on Patreon, you will hear that she has an even more impressive and versatile voice than she's shown so far on the bands studio output. I'm glad to see that she's starting to show that now for more people to hear.
  4. Last night in Guadalajara they debuted two new songs "Sick" and "Hell You Call A Dream". Sick is good but HYCAD is fantastic.
  5. Ha! You think the people talking in this thread actually know who The Killers are? 😄 Whole Wide World is my favorite song on the album after my first listen. Definitely a very solid album that I will give more listens too. That is not always a guarantee when a legendary band releases new material.
  6. One thing I noticed with this album is that they released it on an independent label and it has a darker vibe than the previous two albums. Makes me wonder if the more accessible sound and the collabs they had on them weren't the bands idea. Of the singles released, The Purge was really the only song I liked a lot and revisited with any sort of regularity. All the other songs I thought were fine but nothing too good. But you're right, hearing them together on the album they sound so much better. Certain songs aren't meant to be singles and are meant to be enjoyed during the album listening experience. I think this album proves that to be true because I have a much different reaction to the songs when hearing the whole album than I did as singles.
  7. Jagger just had a kid a few years ago. I think they're ok to rock still.
  8. That's way too much new music to listen to, process and form a valid opinion on. If you're constantly moving on to the next thing, you don't really allow yourself much of a chance in getting to know the bands/songs well.
  9. What do you think of this show? I really liked it. I enjoyed them going deeper into the Norman Bates character than the movies did.
  10. The video for More has reached 2 million views on YouTube. That's the fastest an official video by them has reached that. Now, imagine if their record label actually knew what they had in them and pushed the song hard, how much bigger it could be? This honestly should have been the song to break them huge. The fact that it didn't really shows major incompetence from the record label.
  11. You should check out Arise from Sepultura. That's their best.
  12. Imagine wasting a decade of your life on a music forum. Oh, wait a minute 😄
  13. It makes you wonder how much money he's really making/losing putting out all these albums in an era where people don't buy albums like they used to. Although if he was experiencing huge losses doing all these albums I'm guessing he would have stopped by now.
  14. The only song Night Ranger could probably pull off properly here is Mama Said and that song is trash.
  15. Next time KK bitches about Priest not asking him to come back somebody should tell him it's because Richie Faulkner has injected the band with a new energy which he can't bring anymore.
  16. So, Rudy, the band's manager, live streamed the show in Buenos Aries last night from the balcony of the venue and the crowd was absolutely insane. I'm pretty sure they probably brought the ladies to tears a few times during this.
  17. Yeah, I always thought that song was a better fit for a cheesy 80s hair band than it was for Metallica.
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