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  1. I didn't even know there were new Geddy songs
  2. I saw them on this tour. My 14 year old ears were not ready for the heaviness that is Tony Iommi's live tone. My hearing didn't get back to normal for over a week. This show probably did permanent damage to my hearing. The amazing thing about Dio is that he performed like he was in a stadium full of people even though it was only a three thousand seat theater. Both his stage presence and Iommi's guitar were too big for that place. The theater still stands today. Fun fact, four years later my high school graduation took place there and I got to walk across the same stage I saw them play on. I also saw Meat Loaf at that theater in 1994. I couldn't care less about graduating. I was happier being able to walk across the same stage they were on.
  3. It's kind of strange for him to mention all those bands along with The Warning since they aren't anywhere near the same style. But yes, if he's holding them close to the same place as bands like Nightwish and Epica who are far more in depth and complex with their songwriting that is pretty high praise. Delain I always thought was paint by numbers symphonic metal. They offer nothing new to the genre and just go with the basics of the genre that bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation set the template for. Still, it's cool that he's heard about them. The Warning have grown a lot in the last year and a half. It's a steady organic growth that is driven by the undying hard work of the band, their team and the fans being as devoted as any fan base I have ever seen. They're not relying on big hits. Choke, Money and More have been decent sized hits for them but not massive in any way. So, it's just a lot of natural, word of mouth growth that has gotten them to where they are. So the fact that someone who is mainly a symphonic/power metal fan has heard of them says a lot about how their growth is reaching others that normally don't regularly listen to hard rock.
  4. Rush's biggest hit also had an outside writer.
  5. I was looking him up and he's worked with a good amount of bands already. Some fans have complained that they don't like that The Warning were working with outside writers this time around. Yet nobody seemed to mind that Crimson Queen, Choke, Evolve, Error and 23 all had outside writing credits. I think now that they're getting more popular some fans are looking for something to bitch about instead of accepting the fact that they're not this unknown band that only you know about anymore.
  6. It's so endearing their reactions when people are singing along to their songs. They're so young and still can't believe it when that happens. Did you see When I'm Alone from Monterrey? In the middle of the song the crowd started chanting "Dany, Dany" she started crying and had to stop playing the song for a minute. The string section worked well with both songs I felt. With Black Holes I think it's pretty easy to add them since it's a slower piano based song. They incorporated them well into Sandman. Metallica has released a live album with a symphony so maybe that's how they got the idea. The Warning's version is a slower and more haunting so I think the orchestra fit well with their version. Pau once said that she would never play Breathe live because of how personal the song is. I guess she felt she could do it once for the special show. I'm guessing since she had the piano for the show she figured why not? It's not like they're going to be lugging that around with them on tour any time soon. They don't have the crew size or budget for that yet. I'm not sure what's going on with you and Hell You Call A Dream but you're the only person I know of who doesn't like it. Pretty much everyone else thinks it's a great song and can't wait for it to be released. The band had a link to "pre-save new music" on their Instagram after the Guadalajara show but they made no mention of it again until today when they put the same link up on Instagram. So, I think HYCAD and Sick might be out on Friday.
  7. EP, I don't know if you heard the two new songs from them that they performed in Mexico yet but supposedly Dan Lancaster the touring keyboardist for Muse co-wrote Hell You Call A Dream with them. Anyways, here's a good sounding version from the show in Mexico City last week.
  8. The lyrics are: wearing apathetic displays Sharing flesh like envy in cages Condescending Not intending to end
  9. Voices might be his best vocal performance.
  10. Wasn't that around the time he ruptured his vocal chords when he had a very bad bout of food poisoning? His voice was completely f***ed on that tour.
  11. I saw an interview with James where he admitted he can't sing the stuff off Images and Words too well anymore. It kind of came off like he didn't want to sing those songs now. With Portnoy back there's probably no way they don't play something off that. I'm guessing he probably can't do much of anything off Awake, Scenes or Six Degrees too well anymore either. It will be interesting to see the set selections. I don't think rotating the sets is happening this time around.
  12. I never followed Doro either. I heard a few albums she did with Warlock back in the mid 80s and I enjoyed them but it's also not anything that I felt left me wanting more. I've heard some of her own material and it didn't do much for me. She has always steadily released stuff so she must do ok enough to keep it steadily going for 40 years now.
  13. I don't know about you guys but I thought this was pretty cool
  14. He should follow Jordan's example and just let the gray take over.
  15. Here's a better sounding version of Hell You Call A Dream from last night's show in Monterrey. They also played Black Holes and Enter Sandman with a small string ensemble. Pau played a grand piano for Black Holes.
  16. I wonder if they're getting ready to call it quits and want one last album and tour with Portnoy? James voice probably isn't going to hold up for too much longer live and the older the rest of the band gets, the harder it must be to keep playing their kind of songs while on tour. I'm interested to hear what they come up with but they were doing really well with the album quality (besides the ASStonshing) with Mangini.
  17. If only there was an official Dream Theater thread to put this in 😄
  18. May I suggest that you give this song another listen?
  19. The original cover for Sticky Fingers with the zipper is a good one. I think It's Only Rock N Roll has a good cover too. But most of their covers are just meh to me.
  20. I understand what you're trying to say. I've always heard a bit of a Halestorm influence in them. Especially with Dany's vocals. Lzzy Hale is the only other person I can compare Dany's powerful belting voice to. Yes, there does seem to be more of a Halestorm influence in these two songs but the big difference is Halestorm would not write songs that have depth like Sick and HYCAD have. Halestorm is pretty straightforward and doesn't leave much for you to think about other than just to rock out and have a good time. The Warning puts serious thought into everything they do. Every single song has something deeper going on musically and lyrically. There are some similarities to Halestorm but both write songs very differently. I don't think we have to worry about them going the Hysteria route. It's very obvious with these two songs that even though they're getting more well known they're not abandoning the hard rocking tunes. Also, keep in mind that the reason they signed with Lava and rejected better offers from bigger labels is because Lava gave them creative control while the bigger labels wanted to turn them into a pop band and tell them what to do. With Lava (and I have my issues with how I don't think they've pushed the bands music hard enough) they're not going to have that big time record label pressure of having to get a massive hit. They'll get that big on their own terms.
  21. It's not like they've ever had good albums covers to begin with.
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