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  1. That's just how I am as a listener. I'm not going to bother with a band if I dislike more from them than I like. What's the point of listening to a band who overall you don't care for. Liking 7 out of 10 albums means you like the majority of their material.
  2. Say I do like it. Then the band would be 2 for 7 with me. That's not exactly getting them into the regular rotation.
  3. New song out on February 2nd but which one will it be?
  4. Why? I've tried six albums and only liked one. I'm not going to spend more time listening to a band I didn't connect with much.
  5. I've given everything up through Second Law a listen and Black Holes and Revelations is the only album that grabbed me completely.
  6. I just gave it a listen. I've heard the song before but it's been a long time. Good tune.
  7. The Kinks had a top 10 song in 1985?
  8. The main plot is what if people who were idiots became vampires
  9. This is the one that I have https://www.ebay.com/itm/386589235332
  10. Sacrament is my favorite. You should definitely check out As The Palaces Burn and Ashes Of The Wake. I wasn't a fan of full time growling vocals until I started listening to them. Randy Blythe taught me to appreciate that style. It's like he has a sense of melody with his growl.
  11. Do you have the Black Sabbath box set called The Black Box? It has remasters of all the albums with Ozzy. It's a very cool set.
  12. Did you ever give Spiritbox's new EP a listen? What about the new Within Temptation?
  13. You know Grammys aren't won based on talent alone and how good something is, right? It's more about who pays the most for their artist and sucks up to the right people. As for Taylor Swift, since Speak Now "converted" EP, I decided to give the album a listen and found it an enjoyable listen. I don't think she will become a favorite of mine and make my regular rotation but if her other stuff is like this then I completely get why everyone is so nuts about her. Now back to my regularly scheduled metal.
  14. So, you've never heard another guitar player mention anything like that before? I wonder if it's something unique that she does. Did you watch the ones with Ale and Pau yet?
  15. Did you ever feel like you listened to far too many new releases this year? I'm all for discovering new music, but a list like this doesn't allow time to listen to the albums and really get to know them.
  16. Vote for Pau here for Drumero rock drummer of the year https://www.drumeo.com/beat/drumeo-awards-2023/
  17. I just think the whole bonus track thing has overstayed it's welcome by many years. When every album has bonus tracks what is special about having them?
  18. Most of the streaming is older music because it's been around for decades and has had many years for people to become familiar with it and like the music. That doesn't mean new music is out of ideas. Bands today don't have radio and MTV to rely on to become huge like bands years ago did. A lot of bands today have to grow organically through consistently releasing good music and touring a lot. It takes bands longer these days for people to become familiar with them. Especially in rock and metal. So of course older, more familiar music is going to get more listeners. But there is still newer music that get really good numbers on the streaming services. But due to times being different people actually may have to put a little bit of effort into finding the new music that is out instead of always falling back on the old reliable stuff.
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