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  1. That was the only idea I had come up with, too.
  2. Does anyone have experience with trading tickets? I know people sell tickets and buy others, but I'm talking about straight up trades. I bought a Silver VIP ticket for Atlanta and due to the purchasing process via phone (very finicky) I ended up with a seat, but not in quite the area I'd like. (My first seat got cancelled because I couldn't enter my contact and card information quickly enough.) I'm incredibly happy that I got a ticket this good, but I'd prefer to be on Geddy's side (where my first ticket was). Due to the venue's rules/regulations, I can only exchange a ticket for higher value, i.e. the $100 more Gold VIP seats. And that's only if they become available. Has anyone done trades? If so, how do you keep yourself safeguarded from scamming and such? Not all people are jerks, but I can imagine some people would try to use his/her ticket as well as yours. Cheers
  3. My first concert was on TIme Machine and I think I was about 17. I went with a buddy of mine and then I went alone to Clockwork Angels. I'll be going alone again to R40. It'll be awesome to have your dad there with you. It's a great experience. One thing I would share is that you may be inclined to record the concert on your phone (or other device). With perhaps small exceptions, you'll wish you paid more attention to the actual show later. Don't let filming distract the experience. Cheers
  4. I got ORCH 3 Row H for Atlanta. I had a ticket for Row G on Geddy's side but I got kicked out before I could pay. Anyone have experience with trading tickets?
  5. Thanks! I appreciate these Amazon discounts! I used the $2 one from last month to download the Headlong Flight single and gift it to a friend.
  6. I'm pretty sure that 3:40-4:00 section was on purpose. It fits the song and it's in the solo section so it's likely.
  7. The more I've listened to Headlong Flight, the more I dig it! I noticed yesterday that not only does it seem like he has a bit more twang in his upper range, but his bass range is as fat as it's ever been! Now I can completely understand him getting the sound out of his Fender; it's been drilled into my head that he isn't going to go back and use it and Geddy's tone comes mostly through his fingers, however, I was letting a friend listen to it a little while ago and I was saying how much I love the bass tone. Then it hit me, it sounds so close to his old Ricky! NO, I don't have a source. This is something that just hit me. People still argue today over which bass Geddy used on which tracks of Moving Pictures even though Geddy has said himself in some interview somewhere. So maybe it's possible, although it probably isn't the case. I think it has characteristics of both basses, but in the end, either way, IT SOUNDS GREAT! Test4Eggo
  8. QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Apr 12 2012, 10:09 AM) QUOTE (trenken @ Apr 12 2012, 10:08 AM) No real long songs like I expected. Really? If you were expecting a 20-minute "Hemispheres" or "2112"-like epic, then yeah, you're going to be disappointed. But there was no indication that there would be such an epic in this album, or even anything over 10:00. 3. Clockwork Angels (7:31) 4. The Anarchist (6:52) 7. Seven Cities Of Gold (6:32) 9. Headlong Flight (7:20) 12. The Garden (6:59) Those five songs are pretty beefy. It's been a long time since we've had five songs of that length on one album. That's a good thing, yes? Taking these songs into consideration: 3. Clockwork Angels (7:31) will be the 12th longest Rush song. 9. Headlong Flight (7:20)will be the 14th longest. 12. The Garden (6:59) will be 16th. 4. The Anarchist (6:52) will be 17th. 7. Seven Cities Of Gold (6:32) 21st. All out of 165 songs. That's pretty impressive to me. And to add more perspective, Clockwork Angels will be longer than both Working Man and Jacob's Ladder. Also Headlong Flight will also be longer than Working Man.
  9. That puts the Clockwork Angels at 1hr 06m running time approximately.
  10. Cygnus X-1 Natural Science Xanadu 2112 La Villa Strangiato By-Tor and the Snow Dog Hemispheres The Fountain of Lamneth The Camera Eye The Necromancer Jacob's Ladder for now.....
  11. QUOTE (Coltonz @ Mar 19 2012, 06:46 PM) Hello everybody! I like to consider myself an "official lurker" as I don't post here very often unless I feel compelled to... And well, this is one of those times. Snakes and Arrows was released when I was only in Grade 8, at the end of my elementary school education.. I am now graduated from high school, and Snakes and Arrows is still the last album that has been released by Rush. The time between the end of elementary school and the end of high school feels like a span of geological time (see what I did there?) when you're going through it, and that thought kinda just made me realize how long its been since the last album. However, when I listen to S&A, it still feels exciting and fresh, not dated like so many current-generation albums would sound like after such a span of time. And I love it just as much as any other album the band has put out. Looking forward to Clockwork Angels, I feel more excited for the release than mostly anything I've had to look forward to recently. I consider myself one of those Rush fans that loves the music that the band has produced throughout the all their decades, and I feel like this next album will be absolutely terrific (and its been a looooong time waiting). I check these forums nearly every day for CA news and rumors (because why search for news on the upcoming album when I can just get other Rush nerds to do it for me?) and lately I've had a hard time having to read the grating comments from certain users on this board. I don't know why so many people are bashing the album before it even comes out.. I think Caravan & BU2B are fantastic. I also think that younger people are generally more open-minded about Rush's newer releases (and dont give me that crap about liking the stuff because I was raised on NSYNC etc etc.... I was raised on my dads old record collection) Anyways.. I might be starting to ramble, so I'll just finish this thread by saying.. I wish the less-optomistic people on here would just keep their crummy comments to themselves and let the people who are actually looking forward to the next album and are excited about it, do so. Because I am 19 years old and have a spent great portion of my adolescent life just waiting for the next Rush album to come out, and gosh darn it, I think its gonna be awesome. So there!! I'm right there with you man!
  12. Hey guys, I haven't been on here much over the past few months. (college keeps you busy!) I guess I've just been wanting to come on here and talk since it's been so long. First off, I just want to say that I love the DVD. I've only been a fan of Rush since 2007ish when I was 15 or so. (I'm actually writing an essay on my "musical journey" in my English class right now and am having a good time reminiscing.) I believe I have an interesting angle on Rush, since I'm so young and had all of their music laid out for me from the beginning. When I first started listening to Rush, I was listening to everything, I didn't know the difference between albums, heck, I didn't know what an album was. Because of this, I was taking in Working Man, YYZ, and The Way The Wind Blows without and distinction between eras of production. (This is also because S&A Live was my first CD/album that I bought) So for me, when I began listening to Rush, I had an appreciation for all of their music, where as the "from the 70's" fans went through the new albums and many had "this is a new sound, I'm not sure if I like this" moments, (Which I can understand). Anyway, with that being said, I feel I have a more open mind to their new music. In terms of the DVD, it brings back my feelings of when I first got into Rush. (Some of the older fans here, are probably laughing at me right now, that's understandable ). I really like the filming of the DVD, it's the best out of all the dvd's so far. The guys did a superb job with the show. (Time Machine was also my first time seeing the guys live.) Musically and visually amazing. I can't imagine someone not being happy that they played all of Moving Pictures. I really liked the sound of each's set-up. Geddy's bass sound on this tour is my favorite compared to the past few. And it's just a darn treat to see Alex playing the Little Phatty in Time Stands Still. Being a casual bass player, you bassist out there can't tell me you didn't love the extra kick at the end of Red Barchetta and Leave That Thing Alone. Visually, loved the stage, Neil's set is BEAUTIFUL. And Geddy's and Alex's amps really pull together the feel for the program. And of course the videos were funny. I've heard people complain about Geddy's vocals being bad and strained and whatnot. Of course they are gonna be more strained, he's getting older. I take it to heart that he is still pumping out fantastic vocals. I guess that's my 2 cents, really more of a bucket of quarters... One more thing before I'm done. Everyone of course love getting their Rush Shirts pointed out, and I am happy to say that I have become the "Rush" guy at the music school (KSU). There isn't a week that goes by without someone commenting on my Rush shirts. A friend even asked me to were a different one everyday of the week a month ago or so; I happily obliged. Lately I've been getting: "Why does it say RASH?". And I'm sure I'll get even more comments as soon as I add some Rush socks and shoelaces I'm planning on buying. So that's my rant, and I think anyone on here should find it a good read. I am a member of the forum because they ROCK.
  13. My First was the Snakes & Arrows Live. I was trying to get the most Rush I could for my $$$ and find an album, which back then I didn't know the difference between compilation and studio, so I bought Snakes and Arrows. I got into Rush through Guitar hero a was such a YYZ nerd and sung it ALL THE TIME(as an 8th grader). So sometime between 8th grade and 9th, my friend's father found out that's what Rush was too me and drug me down into his man-cave and made me listen to 2112. I remember thinking how cool it was. I went home that night, looked as much rush up on the internet, and listened to it all the time. Eventually I got my the S&A CD because I noticed many of the songs as it was just after the S&A tour started. One thing I think is amazing, is that I couldn't tell the eras apart. Limelight seemed just as modern as The Larger Bowl, because I didn't know any better. And I think that's why I love ALL Rush, and don't judge by era. I have different opinions about every album and era, but it's all still Rush to me.
  14. QUOTE (ILSnwdog @ Aug 2 2011, 08:40 AM) This last weekend, my seven year old daughter Tori, asked me if Rush ever has another concert, if she could come with me. She really loves YYZ and Far Cry. That's wonderful. I'm sure you are proud.
  15. QUOTE (presto123 @ Aug 2 2011, 12:46 PM) Most bands only wish they could wreck a train like Rush can.
  16. I only have 1 of each except for some cassettes and Vinyls. I'd like each album on each media device. Or use the Konata Concept: Buy 3. 1 for looking at. (ex:framing) 1 for listening to. 1 for lending out.
  17. I'm glad someone else here likes Rush as a whole. I almost never come on the forum because all everyone talks about is what songs they what to skip or leave of an album. Everyone has there own right in taste and I wouldn't expect everyone to like every song. That's why there are people out there who don't like Rush at all. But for being the RUSH forum, there sure is a lot of down-talk on their music.
  18. Those are the most beautiful drums I've seen. Ever.
  19. Take some of these and report back how you did. If you just sing while you listen you'll figure out what you can and can't sing. There are some songs I can't but still try. It's all about the love of .
  20. So I was scrolling through the cover flow of my albums on my iPod and realized the Caress of Steel artwork doesn't just look like a man standing atop a mountain (of some sort.); I was looking at it from a farther distance and saw the cover looked like a man's head, with your view as looking at the left side of his face. The man's (which is probably the Necromancer now that I think of it...) right arm and sleeve double as the nose, the right hand as the lips, the right breastbone and armpit as the left eye, the rest of the body with the head is the hair. The rocky surface (the mountain of some sort) doubles as the torso: anything below the net. Has anyone noticed this yet? The shading makes it more obvious. This is probably something everyone knows, or no one really paid attention to. Probably the former.
  21. That's so awesome. Great great picture.
  22. QUOTE (Kublakhan94 @ Nov 10 2010, 06:06 PM) La villa Strangiato makes me feel so awesome while driving. I second that. La Villa just gets me pumped.
  23. What is bonfire night? I'm not a UK dude, so I'm not in the know.
  24. I would difinately pick a song suitable for a wedding.
  25. 1) Virtuality 2) Kid Gloves 3) Grand Design 4) Cygnus X-1 5) Where's My Thing? 6) Cut to the Chase
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