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    Lights drop, crowd roars, Stafford Bingley Hall shakes to the sound of 2112 firing up, the swirl, the senses reeling. 1981 - Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions, Camera Eye, Xanadu .. .. what a night!
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  1. I chose the first 1 becasue it is the only number that you say as it is. The first 2 represnets "Twenty" and the final 12 is "Twelve" So I went with a 1
  2. One thing this poll will show is the demographic of it's regular visitors. It is easy for us to assume that everyone here grew up in the 70's or 80's and favours works from that era. Hemi-PW-MP will win I have no doubt, but I was intrigued by some of the other collections. Amazing that 2112 was such a "from nowhere" album that the collections either side of it means it has received only 8 votes as yet.
  3. I've seen Van Halen, Iron Maiden and Stevie Ray Vaughan. So it would be - Pink Floyd - Pulse (all of DSOTM) Rush - ATWAS (Just for By-Tor) Rush - Last ever gig with backstage pass
  4. Alex is a more crafted guitarist, who writes solos with feeling BUT in my mind I answered the question "Who is the more naturally gifted guitarist" ~ always Eddie I saw VH on their 1984 Tour and Eddie was staggeringly comfortable throwing out blisteringly fast (for the time) note perfect and very technical solos. It is a very tough and close call for me, but EVH takes it
  5. StuartBruce

    high voltage

    Tel I think it is wishful thinking If Rush can come over and knock out 8 sell-out arena dates they aren't going to "pop over" for a one-off outdoor, small time 'has been' festival. I like the idea of High Voltgae and I'm often surprised at the bands that do play, but Rush are still about 10 years away from there. Just prey Schenker stays clean .. . and turns up
  6. Is this the longest thread by one contributer? I wouldn't mind a listen. Where did you get it?
  7. I went with Driven. I think the bass work is immense on the entire album but this bad boy grabs you and shakes the shit out of you. Then when it is played live you suddenly realise I'm right
  8. QUOTE (Albone2112 @ Jun 23 2011, 07:23 AM) QUOTE (StuartBruce @ Jun 23 2011, 02:01 AM) QUOTE (fledgehog @ Jun 23 2011, 05:38 AM) marry to the tune of cold fire That's just nasty . . . Maybe have a divorce party with that as the background music It makes me wonder how stable Neils first marriage actually was becasue it takes a bitter heart to open up so obvioulsy . . . Neil did mention in 'Ghost Rider' that there had been a couple of temporary estrangements. Maybe 'Cold Fire' was written during one of those. That would make sense But getting back on thread ~ Entre Nous is a good choice for a wedding
  9. QUOTE (fledgehog @ Jun 23 2011, 05:38 AM) marry to the tune of cold fire That's just nasty . . . Maybe have a divorce party with that as the background music It makes me wonder how stable Neils first marriage actually was becasue it takes a bitter heart to open up so obvioulsy . . .
  10. Just wondering if there is anyone else on this forum who actually likes most of what Rush have produced? All I am saing is that 90%+ of what the boys have done ranks pretty high in my mind and the rest isn't "bad". I dare say some individuals will pick out tracks that maybe wouldn't have made a vinyl cut, but thats not our decision. For me, they have been the most consistent and the most accessible musically for almost 40 years. Maybe I just like Rush. Anyone else?
  11. QUOTE (capoetc @ Jun 17 2011, 01:20 AM) Regardless, I'm sure you're frustrated, but ... that's the risk you take when you send items to a venue hoping for autographs. Best bet is, don't send something you are not prepared to never see again ... I was considering sending my original Moving Pictures Tour Book to be signed at Birmingham, NEC and now I am so pleased I didn't ~ as the man says ONLY SEND STUFF YOU ARE PREPARED TO LOSE. There is no oficial "If you want stuff signed, we wil guarantee it happens" Service. I think the guy posting the Baltimore experience was empathy not derision
  12. Marshy. I'm not going to join the bashing but to be honest I think you are pissing in the wind. I don't know the capacity of the O2 or its acoustic design, but if it had have been as bad as you obvioulsy believe it was then there would be uproar on this forum. It may well be that the gods conspired against you in terms of it being a 'flat spot' or some other sound engineers nightmare. I don't think you can blame, Rush, their Management, or even O2. Just accept it was a bad one and move on. You will always get 70 shades of shit on here because everyone wants to beat their virtual chest. Take no notice. You know what happened, end of. I didn't read all your post and replies because it got a bit ... samey, but if it was your first or fiftieth Rush gig, it has now passed. Only you can decide if you want to give them another chance (if they tour the UK again) or not. I don't know what kind of recompense would suffice? An apology? A refund? or a lavish parade in your honour. Which ever it is, I wouldn't hold your breath.
  13. QUOTE (1 of the 7 @ Jun 2 2011, 12:48 AM) Here's an obscure 80's tune I thought sounded a little like The Weapon in the synth department (you have to get into it a bit). Visage's Fade To Grey It's not obscure in the UK It is one of those songs that sticks in the pysche
  14. Cygnus X-1 : Book I Cygnus X-1 : Book II Jacobs Ladder SotR Tom Sawyer YYZ Xanadau By-Tor (Full Version) -- Break -- Driven Far Cry Mission Mahattan Project 2112 (Full) Big Money Losing It Working Man -- Enc -- La Villa (Full, no rant) Trees Here Again That is all ~ Discuss
  15. Well I thought the guys just ripped it up last night. Maybe you need to be in the floor sections to appreciate it, but they nailed just about every song. I was really impressed at how powerful Presto was and Far Cry rocked the joint. Not sure how you judge classics, but if you want Rush to become a sorry tribute to themselves like AC/DC, Metallica etc then forget it, they are to proud. Moving Pictures was just so sweet from top to bottom.
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