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  1. well I am so pleased I witnessed TBE in NY as I have seen Lime Light performed many times
  2. Just got back from my first visit to NY to see my 1st Rush gig outside of England. I must say what a great venue the Barclays Center was. So easy to get to and from on the subway system. Plenty of refreshment stands (OH Boy do you Americans like to eat and drink at the gig ) The sound quality from where I was (block 24 row 9 seats 6&7) I thought was very good. I have not missed a rush tour in England since 1977 and up until now I have never witnessed a rush train wreck. Lerxst's and his 'Where's my string/guitar' performance during 2112 was out standing what a pro and Geddy and Neil's Drum and Base version of 2112 was spot on. Those 2 should now consider a breakaway band . So NY Thanks for a great experience it did cost me $450 for the 2 tickets but was worth every buck.
  3. Boy o boy give them a break . They are all virtually 60 years of age. they give us over 3 hours of quality entertainment. Do we want them to pack it all in? I don't. If you don't like what they do then do not bye a ticket and leave more good seats for the rest of us .
  4. Americans can you help. I am looking to buy tickets for the Brooklyn show off the 'Tickets Now' web site. Is it safe to bye from and is it legal as it just seems to be some form of legalized touting site to me . Would be grateful for any advice
  5. First gig 3/6/77. Never missed a tour in the uk. Some day this is all going to end but at least I was there
  6. If he likes Vapor Trails I will be even more confused
  7. There is no way anyone can tell if any autograph is authentic unless the person that signed said it was the real deal.
  8. See a company called J S SIGNINGS on ebay is advertising a fully signed guitar by RUSH any one know anything about the seller. They have a webb site AutographedGuitars.COM
  9. just for the record the NEC 'DID' pass on all items to the promoter
  10. The gripe is not with its with the person who was supposed to deal with the signed items It looks like no one has received anything back from the Birmingham gig signed or otherwise. It seems that this has happened at all other UK gigs but not Birmingham.
  11. Did they give you the name of the promoters representertive.
  12. Did anyone have any luck getting a signed item returned from the Birmingham gig on 22/5/11. I drew a blank.
  13. Just tried to get VIP tickets for the Vegas show for the wife and me to celebrate my 50th birthday. As we are travelling from the UK I was prepared to pay the extra $ for good seats. However I was disappointed in what was offered, side section seats, when it is stated that you should receive first 15 rows. Can anyone advise another means of getting good seats as I am not familiar with the US system of obtaining tickets? Mark
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