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  1. QUOTE (Steevo @ Oct 18 2012, 12:15 AM) How way the lads! I'll have to chase these guys up. Man, I stayed in Shields a bit as well. A Geordie friend even introduced me to Rush. Then there's the Terry Broon connection. They have a solid audience up there! I was really rotten on that NBA though We will look forward to your return visit! The streets of Sheelz are paved with the vomit of many a great night out. Rush EuCon 2012 added to that spectacularly.
  2. QUOTE (Bastille Dave @ Mar 19 2012, 12:25 AM) QUOTE (Lerxst UK @ Mar 18 2012, 05:57 PM) I had to go with Presto to S&A ^^^you do realize you went with 6 albums, right? Yeah but I'm allowed!
  3. Poll/thread going off track already! Its a good idea being limited to 5 albums if I get the gist? Make your bed and lie in it as they say.
  4. 'The Stars Look Down' Always in my head this one. Just keeps us in our place I think. Not a bad thing.
  5. I had to go with Presto to S&A ... not because they are necessarily my faves but because they mean the band is still producing. There'll be plenty time for retrospecting when they've stopped releasing albums. Until then every new album will be the best. After that we can do some 'top trumps' style card shuffling to our hearts content.
  6. QUOTE (Presto-a RUSH fan! @ Mar 18 2012, 10:02 PM) There are so many great things about RUSH for me. One of them is that they have so many different sounding albums. Some bands have a sound and pretty much, that is the sound you get on every album. RUSH has material that spans so many genres like prog, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, grunge sounding, etc. I can understand people who only like a certain style of their music, but to me, the different styles of music is why RUSH is my favorite band and I truly enjoy every album. Even the debut, which is my least favorite, I still like it. S&A's is not one of my favorites, but I like it. It's just great to have a favorite band that if your "In The Mood" (sorry) for a softer keyboard sound, you pop in HYF. If you want an angry metal sounding album pop in 2112 or Hemispheres. If you want a little of both, pop in MP. Really, those comparisons are probably different for each fan. Again, another thing that makes RUSH the best band ever. Then you add in the guys, 3 members for 38 years. Three guys with families that never succumbed to the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, at least to the extent that it effected them as a group or their music. You have 3 guys who are all known for their playing ability. Neil is arguably the best drummer ever. Geddy, the same on bass. Then you have Alex who doesn't get the credit he deserves, but I think his willingness to try different things and to not have to be the lead all the time is something that makes RUSH great. On top of that, Alex has written some of the most famous and memorable guitar riffs ever. Then you get to Neil and his lyrics. Granted, some fans don't like the direction he has taken, but some of those same fans got into RUSH for the lyrics. I know of one fan who hates the direction Neil has went with the lyrics, but the lyrics to Subdivisions meant alot to him. Whether you like the lyrics Neil has been writing lately or not, there is no denying that he writes from his heart and his ability to create thoughtful and moving lyrics is appareled in music. I could go on and on about why I love RUSH. I know some fans might read this and call me a fanboy and that's just fine with me. If anything, I am on a RUSH forum, so where else would you expect me to be? For CA, I am very excited, but by the same token I am not expecting it to be the next 2112. It may be, but the odds are it won't. But for me, it doesn't have to be. As long as they work hard and pour their hearts out into the music, lyrics and live show, like they have for 38 years, I will not be disappointed. "In The End" (again, sorry) CA might be my least favorite RUSH album, though from the first two songs released, I highly doubt that, but if it is my least favorite, I know I will find something that I will enjoy about it. Hopefully it's the whole thing, but if not, I'm ok with that too. Bottom line for me is, RUSH is the best band in the world and I look forward to anything they put out, even if they end up putting out Feedback II, which I don't want, I will still buy it, and depending on the songs they pick, I know I will find something good about it. While Feedback is my least favorite thing they've done, I don't even really count it when I talk about their albums, I still enjoy a few of the songs on it. I think we should count ourselves lucky to be fans of RUSH and someday, they will quit putting out new music and touring. And that will be a sad day for me. Some may look forward to it, but to me, it will be the end of an era. The old cliche is so true, RUSH has been the soundtrack of my life (well since I was 20!). + + = = Greatest Band in the World! Well said... couldn't have put it any better.
  7. People really should get out and support the worlds Rush tribs, it's a great night out. Despite appearances, most don't take themselves very seriously at all... even if they do go for a bit of 'cheese' and do the look-alike thing to some extent... its all part of the fun... a bit of TIC 'pantomime' if you like. It's not some deluded wierdos thinking they're Rush reincarnate (as far as know anyhow)! Rather, the point is its a bunch of Rush fans both on and off stage celebrating this fine music in an alternative format. A lot of the fun is not just in seeing the bands... it's meeting and talking to other Rush fans in the flesh... a great 'real world' alternative to facelessly typing out stuff on tribute forum sites like this one. Its a mistake to judge the bands by the low quality footage you can find on Youtube because the whole thing is geared up to live performance and a lot relies on the atmosphere of the event which cheap phones and camcorders can't capture... and needless to say a beer or three helps to 'suspend our disbelief' and enhance the experience....! I do think the interweb has eroded the live music scene to some degree because lots of people do seek out footage/reviews on MyTubeFace etc before deciding on whether go and see bands... whereas in the good old days you just got out there and took ya chances! I've played guitar (and bass pedals) in 3 Rush tribs over the last 10 years. We set out as a travelling band doing some of the bigger venues and theatres but always struggled to get the support we needed (in terms of audience size) to make that plausible. Naturally most venues are reluctant to book what they deem to be 'specialist bands' with limited pull. But there's so many Rush fans out there it shouldn't be that way! Our current band is called Whey Aye Zed (a play on words for YYZ... 'whey aye man' is a commonly used term in the Newcastle area (we're known as Geordies) which basically means 'of course'... example - 'Do you fancy going to the local pub to watch a Rush trib tonight and down a few beers?' the reply would/should be a definite 'whey aye man!!!'. We just stick to playing our local area these days because we know we can get a decent turnout most times here abouts. There's footage of several tracks on Youtube if anyone is interested.... The bands can only achieve so much without the help and support of other fans though. Most bands put in a fantastic amount of hard work to produce a listenable and enjoyable show. No band will ever recreate Rush 100% but there's some good efforts out there all the same! So do yourself a favour and get along to one or two shows.. even if you have to travel a bit.
  8. I can't believe people are just now starting to appreciate (or not!) what Neil has been saying for years on the subject of religion. The track 'Freewill' was on a certain 'classic' album many moons ago was it not? It seems clear to me what was being said all those years ago. There seems little doubt to me that religion is primarily a control system that goes hand in hand with politics and can be equally as ferocious or as benign as its intenders wish it to be. Plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose!
  9. I thought this thread was about Les Pauls with trems????
  10. Here's a custom built one I stumbled over a few years back in full swing.... only 14 in exsistance!!! Les Paul tone with all the trimmings is the way I say! (Sorry about the gaffs in the playing but its a good view of the guitar at least!).
  11. Well, I can't understand how anyone can fail to draw the comparisons between Rush of old and Rush of new that is Caravan/BU2B. These two songs are everything they've ever done but taken to the next dimension. I and the boys from Rush will ignore the naysayers and carry on enjoying this glorious concoction of incredibly zany music and count our blessings that it's still happening! It will be a sad day indeed when there's no more new Rush to look forward to! Nothing else comes remotely close to these guys! Here's to the next 10 years!
  12. Rush are on record many times as stating they have always (and quite deliberately) tried to stay 'relevant' to the era they were in at the time. That's always included absorbing the fashions of the time as well as the music (and its all part of a pro bands commercial package at the end of the day). Can you imagine the ridicule they would have garnered from donning robes in the 80's? Even hardened fans would likely have deemed them totally uncool and outdated if they had stuck with old 70's images. Street cred is a wierd and transient thing. I was a teenager up until 1987 and I have some really cringe worthy photos in the family album. Alex made a comment about himself not long ago saying that he looked like a waiter in a restaurant circa Hold Your Fire era! The thing is it was cool back then to look trendy but play old style rock... it was de rigeuer. It was also very common for bands to give their old material a modernised sound. The 80's was all about moving on and development into the future by embracing 'the new'... and all the technology that was perceived to embody that. Gibsons were seriously uncool and pointy headstock Super Strats and their more wirey sounds were the order of the day. It certainly does look dated now but it was wonderfully cool at the time.
  13. QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Apr 9 2010, 06:55 PM) QUOTE (Lerxst UK @ Apr 9 2010, 01:32 PM) QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Apr 9 2010, 06:18 PM) QUOTE (earth2112shine @ Apr 8 2010, 01:02 PM) Total bummer, us poor Europeans have to wait to see again. You lot over the pond don't know how lucky you are Yes I live in the UK Totally naffed off but not surprised. This is pay back for Iron Maiden always playing (seemingly) 1,000 miles from wherever I live, even when they DO come to the States. Would it kill Maiden to play Atlanta? Iron Maiden? I'll swap you any day dude! Who gives a flying hoot about Iron 'Spinal Tap' Maiden'? Seems a few of us still do, given their number of tickets sold. But you miss the point of it all by dictating your tastes to me. I know people who don't give two shits about Rush either, playing 15 minutes from their doorstep....tour after tour. Frustrating, huh? Well this is a Rush forum? I might have biased opinion!
  14. QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Apr 9 2010, 06:18 PM) QUOTE (earth2112shine @ Apr 8 2010, 01:02 PM) Total bummer, us poor Europeans have to wait to see again. You lot over the pond don't know how lucky you are Yes I live in the UK Totally naffed off but not surprised. This is pay back for Iron Maiden always playing (seemingly) 1,000 miles from wherever I live, even when they DO come to the States. Would it kill Maiden to play Atlanta? Iron Maiden? I'll swap you any day dude! Who gives a flying hoot about Iron 'Spinal Tap' Maiden'?
  15. QUOTE (StuartBruce @ Apr 9 2010, 07:54 AM) QUOTE (snowdog2112 @ Apr 8 2010, 06:32 PM) This is essentially only the first leg of the tour, I don't get the panic. They usually play Europe last when they do go so just give it some time. I agree - they will mess about in the US for the Summer, hash it all up and play 'new' songs that'll flatten any excitement generated by the chance to see "The Camera Eye" and once they have got it close, they will go in the studio, finish the album, release it in early 2011 and announce a full tour, starting with Europe, starting with UK. We get them fresh, trained and ready for action. I won't go to the US or Canada to see them, they will get round to me eventually. Plus, if you go to the US, you'll have to sit with all the whooping burger monsters - that would spoil Camera Eye for me. "Hell Yeah" - oh please I'm sceptical that the show we'll get on the '2nd leg' in 2011 will be the same as what they're offering up this year. By 2011 they will have a full album of new songs they'll want to showcase ala S & A. We might get MP in its entirity still although I'd be happy with just TCE and some more choices from other albums as we've already had the rest of MP in recent years anyhow. But I think a big chunk of the show in 2011 will see old making way for new.
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