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  1. They won't come cheap, but your best bet is either seatwave - http://www.seatwave.com/buy-rush-tickets/t...013/perf/640738 or eBay
  2. I also went to see it in Reading on Tuesday, the lack of synch was really annoying, didn't realise they gave out refunds afterwards. The other odd thing i noticed was that throughout the show there was one particular camera angle that was always blurred, i'm assuming it was to do wth the projection system and not the dvd Was still a great night and very impressed with the production, I think it will prove to be one of the best live dvds ever captured
  3. QUOTE (Tony R @ Oct 6 2011, 08:58 PM) 1. Record another good album
  4. seeing them in london in December, cant wait.
  5. QUOTE (circumstantial tree @ Jul 17 2011, 01:35 AM) Rush is going to end up like Yes if they are not careful. Right now, that band is a laughing stock at this point.
  6. there is no camping at high voltage festival, plus it's in july so its not going to be a mud bath.
  7. If you look on the LG arenas website it cleary says that they don't pass items on to the band to be signed. Newcastle & Manchester do. Should have enquired beforehand and checked their policy.
  8. spoke to people at the MEN Arena & Newcastle Metro Arena - both the venues said they will pass things on to the artist - just send it to the address and put on it 'forward to RUSH'. Include a pre paid return postage and it should hopefully find its way back to you.
  9. QUOTE (usb_connector @ May 7 2011, 10:03 PM) I highly recommend you call the venues and ask them. Ask them "If I send something to the venue adressed to Rush such as a ___________, will you forward it to the band? If I include a self adressed, postage paid return enveloppe, will you send it back?" I did this for the Bell Centre here in Montreal and the people who I spoke to thought it was a great question and were more than courteous while helping me. Thanks for that, I'll give the venues a call and see what their policy on it is.
  10. yeh, bit beyond the point of topic. Still looking for an answer / help on how to send something to a UK venue with the intention of getting it signed - any help?
  11. Was wondering what the procedure was for sending items to hopefully get signed at UK venues - specifically Manchester, Birmingham & London Anyone have any success on the S&A tour, if so whats the best way of going about it? Also, on a side note, after the gigs have ended do Alex / Geddy ever come out of the dressing room or backstage to sign stuff anymore? I've heard stories of people hanging around after the show near exits and getting a quick photo / signature. Thanks
  12. 3x Rush shows - 19/22/25 May Dream Theatre - 22 July High Voltage Festival 23/24 July Iron Maiden 1 August Great year for music!
  13. getting my tickets this weekend - can't wait to see queensryche and DT
  14. Following on the from the excellent Zeitgeist Addendum, Peter Joseph has released the 3rd Zeitgeist film entitled Moving Forward. The movie was independently released simultaneously in over 60 countries and in over 30 languages on January 15, 2011 with over 340 screenings worldwide, making it one of the largest independent events in film history. It is currently the top rated documentary of all time on IMDB. Truly excellent film and concept, If it appeals to you spread it amongst your family and friends and join the zeitgeist movement.
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