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  1. I legitimately feel sorry for Rush "fans" that can't appreciate the post-prog stuff. Those types of people are barely Rush fans, they're fans of 5 or 6 albums that Rush did. Power Windows is one of my favorite albums of any band, and I feel blessed to hear so much of it. Guess I'm just lucky.
  2. I'm actually surprised that a hardcore Rush fan doesn't like the early material. You're a rare breed.
  3. No. They seem to be quite good at this whole live performance thing.
  4. Anyone here could make a statement that any of the 11 "real" songs are their hands-down favorites on the album... and you would have a number of people agreeing with them. Over the last 2 albums the Rush fandom, myself included, had the songs they liked, hated, and one or two songs that were the true standouts. This album has nothing but standouts. It seems every song has been the "favorite" of one of you guys at one point in time. I personally change my favorite song every day. Today I'm loving the title track for the first time. I doubt you'd see many people claim Lessons as their favorite song on 2112 or the terrible (IMO) Madrigal as their favorite on Farewell to Kings.
  5. QUOTE (J2112YYZ @ Jun 17 2012, 02:59 PM)Wait, hold on a second, somebody is actually trying to stay on topic and talk about Rush in this thread? Say it isn't so. I would much rather the discussion continue on about this Adele person that I neither know or care about If you want to talk about her so bad why doesn't somebody just create a thread for her in the Music Of The Spheres section? Or does that make too much sense? Online message boards are serious business. Lighten up bro.
  6. Some of you guys are insane. The orchestra would be BACKGROUND noise. Nothing more. This is ridiculous, some of you would honestly sell Rush tickets just because there happens to be an orchestra in the background of the concert?
  7. I don't know, but does anyone else hear parts of Hemispheres in it? The clean guitar part sounds familiar.
  8. Yeah, CA is definitely not my favorite Rush album, Hemispheres is, actually. I'm just saying I love every second of this album. There's not a second I don't like.
  9. I'm sorry Hemispheres, but the Pink Floyd-esque BU2B2 is a better way to spend 2 minutes than the atmosphere in the middle of Hemisphere's title track. Now, I wouldn't say this is my favorite Rush album, but I sincerely love every second of it. I haven't felt like this about a Rush album since The Camera Eye started boring me with it's second half.
  10. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jun 15 2012, 11:32 AM)I guess you can't listen to Permanent Waves with The Spirit of Radio or Moving Pictures with Tom Sawyer or Signals without Subdivisions or Power Windows with out Big money Either. Well, I never said anything about disliking this album or not listening to it (I love the album and find it very easy to listen to), but yes. Tom Sawyer and Spirit of Radio exist, to a certain extent, "outside" of their respective albums due to the fact that they were well established in my mind before I became a Rush fan and started buying the albums.
  11. 1. Hemispheres 2. Farewell to Kings 3. Permanent Waves 4. 2112 5. Grace Under Pressure 6. Caress of Steel 7. Moving Pictures 8. Signals 9. Fly By Night 10. Clockwork Angels 11. Snakes and Arrows 12. Power Windows 13. Counterparts 14. Rush 15. Roll the Bones 16. Presto 17. Hold Your Fire 18. Test For Echo 19. Vapor Trails 20. Feedback
  12. listening to the 3 singles (especially the 2010 songs) to death before listening to the album. The 3 singles are of unbelievable quality, and because I had sucked all enjoyment out of them before I had the actual album in my mind, I now associate those 3 songs as being "outside" of the album in a sense. The album is no longer as cohesive an experience, if you get what I'm saying. It feels like I've got a new album to listen to, with 3 songs randomly included that might as well have come out in the 70's. I'm also not enjoying the album as much as I would have because I'm missing out on half the enjoyment I would have otherwise. It wouldn't have mattered, but I think the singles are among the top half of the songs.
  13. QUOTE (IEATZ28 @ Jun 14 2012, 10:42 AM) I'm a Devils fan! My condolences.

    The Garden

    Ha, I just saw Kelly D on BU2B on the DVD, at the end of the first chorus. She's on screen a few times.

    The Garden

    This is the only song that clicked with me instantly. Man, what a gorgeous song. I just don't know how a band can be that creative and fresh after 20 albums. Call me crazy, but this is the best album closer since Natural Science.
  16. I'm very bummed right now. Why would a big chain not have it on the day it comes out? I don't understand. Anyone else not get it today?
  17. Is it really proggy? I'm abstaining from listening, but I've heard some comments that it's not proggy at all and in the vein of recent Rush, while some of you say it's very proggy, even the proggiest thing since Natural Science. I sure hope it's got some prog to it.
  18. QUOTE (drbirdsong @ Jun 4 2012, 06:55 AM) QUOTE (snowdogged @ Jun 3 2012, 11:42 PM) QUOTE (XXXB0BXXX @ Jun 2 2012, 04:47 PM) Really? What was wrong with Sebastian Bach on the documentary? I love that guy. He quoted a line from one Rush song(The french verse from Circumstances.) and got the words wrong. He said he went out and read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand after hearing 2112. 2112 was inspired by Anthem. He's a fanboi and isn't ashamed, but it would be nice if he got the details right. Perhaps he went to the library and just looked for whatever Ayn Rand they happened to have. I'm sure Sebastien Bach has no reason to lie about being a Rush fan, and you can't really own 2112 without knowing exactly what inspired it.. that's nothing big guys, really.
  19. Jack Black should really learn how to pronounce Neil's last name.
  20. Really? What was wrong with Sebastian Bach on the documentary? I love that guy.
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