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  1. Lorraine, thank you for sharing your Hoboken memories. If you have any other NYC or New Jersey memories I'd love to hear them. I lived in NYC and NJ in the 60s and 70s but I was only little.
  2. GeddysMullet

    Hating Rush

    For a different take on that subject, I missed out on Rush when I was a teenager. Then I became a fan in my 40s and count myself very lucky that I made it in time for their late-career surge. I saw Rush live as often as I could between 2007 and 2015, loved every single one of those gigs and never regretted a penny spent on them. I'm deeply thankful they released concert videos and recordings from each of those tours because when I watch them they bring back happy memories of some of the best times I've had in my life. What grated on you continues to provide me with an on-demand source of joy and comfort, an excellent return on money long since spent and forgotten. Thank you, :rush: :wub:
  3. Let’s revisit a thread you made yourself, Lorraine! It’s chock full of goodies to smile over. http://www.therushfo...-fun-70s-songs/
  4. It's my only bright spot of the week. I was going to go a few days during the week as well, but I cannot move as fast as I used to, and it takes me a long time to get myself together, so the morning Mass is out. The other Mass they have around noon isn't good because hospice nurses, social workers, chaplains, doctors like to come, for whatever reason, right around 11:30, or 1. All I do is pray all day really. I've lost interest in most everything else. I love to read, but my eyes just can't stay open long enough to read more than a paragraph or two. It's okay though. I lay on the couch and look at my gorgeous sunflowers with Tulora on my lap. The days have been sunny and on the warm side. I think about how grateful I am for all the people I've known in my life, and how grateful I am to Hospice, and how fortunate I am to have found the great seniors' place we live in. Today two very kind ladies brought us lunch. One even brought along a lovely potted plant. Both were obviously prepared with care and love, not just thrown together as some do. She even made a treat of home-made brownies for dessert. How grateful I am to them for their kindness. With so little kindness around anymore, I do so appreciate it when I am the recipient of it. I am very peaceful, and my heart is, believe it or not, full of joy. I'm finally going Home. :) Lorraine, that's beautiful, and I am glad that you have those peaceful feelings. :hug2:
  5. Updated link. Come say Hi! https://discord.gg/97BtSzSCkN
  6. Lorraine, it’s so good to “see” you! The Mona Lisa as your avatar suits you.
  7. Hi everyone, Me over here still missing the forum chat room, set up a Discord server in the hopes that there are still people here who would enjoy live real-time chat. Those of us who love it love it a lot! Please come check it out. https://discord.gg/ruQQNy8T
  8. Sending love, grief for your pain, prayers for your freedom from that pain, whatever form that takes :hug2:
  9. Agreed! After having been disillusioned by so many rock’n’roll musicians over the years, I always love seeing that the ones who mean the most to me have turned out to be such truly decent guys.
  10. I loved Rand's novels as epic storytelling when I was younger. I loved the message of artistic freedom and excellence in The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged impressed me as a huge achievement because it broke every rule of character building in fiction but still managed to be compelling. But I was truly gobsmacked when I found out years later that anyone took Objectivism seriously as any kind of viable philosophy by which to live life in the real world. Still, though, I believed plenty of wacky things when I was younger. I'm glad I never proclaimed them on a great artistic work, but if I can forgive myself for having once been young and unformed, I can certainly forgive Neil :lol:
  11. Unlike the last several Rush screenings I’ve been to, for this one I lucked into a theatre with a huge bright clear screen and an amazing sound system. I could hear every instrument clearly and the close-ups of hands on guitars were downright awe-inspiring. It brought back, if not ALL of the joy and excitement of a Rush gig, at least a satisfying portion of it. I’d go see that film anytime they showed it if I could always see it in that good a room.
  12. I'm amused by the absence of The Garden from this list. After Geddy was so proud that Rush finally made a proper power ballad!
  13. So much love and empathy to you, Lorraine :hug2: How I wish the world was a kinder and more just place.
  14. Rush x3. There aren’t very many bands that I actually loathe, but I loathe Foreigner.
  15. :hug2: I just got back from picking out my funeral cards. This is really getting bizarre. I often wonder who the person is that's doing all this stuff while holding normal conversations with people without being a basket case. I think you are incredibly brave. Huge respect. :hug2: I'm not brave. I'm taking the coward's way out. Brave is having the courage to suffer the ravages of chemo. I strongly disagree with this, but I'm not looking to challenge your definitions of courage :) Just to offer my support and let you know that I will always remember you with affection and great regard :hug2:
  16. :hug2: I just got back from picking out my funeral cards. This is really getting bizarre. I often wonder who the person is that's doing all this stuff while holding normal conversations with people without being a basket case. I think you are incredibly brave. Huge respect. :hug2:
  17. I understand your perspective on this, Lorraine. Sending love :hug2:
  18. I remember Firefall from Casey's Top 40. "You Are The Woman". Very 70s AM radio, a very strange match-up with the Yardbirds.
  19. He probably goes to thrift stores and buy whatever he finds in the Rock vinyl bins ...and at the bottom of those bins is a clue, which leads him to building out of town, and to another bin, which contains the key to the bin which holds all the secret records discarded by record companies, and in that bin, he finds "Firefall - Luna Sea". Nah, we know what RPG means. I know RPG stands for Random Poll Generator, but I was wondering from what data pool the generator is pulling the choices.
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