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  1. Has anyone had a problem with them recently? They got my order wrong and are unresponsive to email. I understand covid has impacted everything but I just want to see if it’s become systemic problem or just me.
  2. I dreaded coming back to this forum after I heard of neil's death. Neil's illness, IMHO, fully explains Neil's retirement. When I saw 'Time Stands Still' I didn't believe neil's excuse, that his feet hurt and he's tired as to why he was retiring. THat's why you take a break, not hang it up. And geddy had said for a few years after R40 that rush wasn't done with music just touring. hen a few years ago he admitted Rush was over. That mut have been when thy learned.
  3. CCR. How did Twisted Sister not make the list? Band from the south shore of LI
  4. I have no real info but it wouldn't surprise me if RUSH did a residency in Las Vegas for a few months. Vegas is very close to Santa Monica. The boys can leave their equipment[ set up and bolt instantly. Low cost overhead big payout. Believe me. I know this. 2021 I would imagine two or three new songs to go along with the Vegas Residency. I'll back in Toronto end of April. I'm on this. Yeah I've been thinking about this, Rush should do a residency somewhere. And it doesn't necessarily have to be LV. Look at how a residency in NYC worked out for Billy Joel. Brought his career back from oblivion.
  5. it took time to grow on me, but after many play throughs I love CA.
  6. i am boycotting not just because of the Rush exclusion. the movie guts the book.
  7. I saw them in Huntington, LI. I paid $40 each, but that was for front row balcony, geddy side. Isn't that a lot for a cover band? I honestly don't know but it seems like it to me. $10 if you wanted to stand in GA.
  8. it makes sense if you understand the background of lisciencing. It's been a problem throughout star trek. everything from The Motion Picture to the last episode of Voyager belongs to Paramount. That includes the klingon look. The old look belongs to DesiLou productions. But roddenberry owned the word. the name and the language. So in order to make the klingons look like TNG/DS9, it would cost CBS. Theyed have to pay paramount. Which doesn't seem like a big deal because both are owned by viavcom, but thats where it comes from. Thats why starting with the reboot movies the klingons were changed as well as the uniforms. In the reboot movies, although they use the gold/blue/red scheme, if you look at the uniforms they are different. same goes for the bridge layout and the technology. CBS can't make Discovery tech look like TOS because that belongs to desilou. So, since they had to change the look of everything, they went back to the begining. Roddenberry wanted the klingons to look the way they do in Discovery. He wanted the romulans to look like the way the remans ended up looking. But the low budget of TOS ended up having the klingons with bushy eyebrows, shoepolish on the face, and foomanchu's. And the romuland looked vulcan because they already had ears made. The blue uniforms are meant to look like an evolution from ST:ENT -> Garth of Izar's uniform -> Discovery. I don't mind the changes. And i am somewhat enjoying Discovery. Certainly better than that first season of Enterprise. But this in not prime universe. It's a reboot regardless of what they say.
  9. I saw them in Huntington, LI. I paid $40 each, but that was for front row balcony, geddy side.
  10. I could do witnout HYF all together
  11. Episode 3 was good, but then then episode 4 brought it right back down to shit.
  12. I like into the wild as a movie, but despise McCandless.
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