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  1. Anyone got the Sector 3 boxset version of Mission they can send over? Cant find it anywhere without having to buy the entire boxset...
  2. It would be so cool if Rush released this alternate version of Mission one day soon. Anyone ever heard anything about this track - apart from what Geddy states below? “‘Mission’ is a song Peter Collins [producer on Hold Your Fire] just loved. And at some point in Britain, when we were working in it, he really wanted to do what he called The Full Monty—put orchestra and choir on it—and there’s a particular sound of an English brass band, which I guess is something he grew up with that we had no feel for, the kind of band you saw in the park on Sunday playing the gazebo. He was kind of obsessed with finding an authentic one. And he tracked one down in the north of England, and he wanted them to play on this track. We were really working hard on that record, and there was this weekend where this band was available. We were all supposed to fly up there to record them, and we just said, ‘Look, Pete, you go. You know what you want, and we’re pooped. Why don’t you go and record them? This will be a treat for you.’ And he did. And he brought it back, and he was all excited about it, of course. And we never really shared the same enthusiasm for it. And, in the end, the version of the song that we released is kind of stripped down. I don’t think we used the brass band very much. So, there is another version of that song that exists that I hope we’ll release that has The Full Monty on it.”—Geddy in Contents Under Pressure
  3. I Agree, the Retropective 3 versions of the Vapor Trails tracks were far more punchy than the Original and the 2013 Remix. I've always wondered why Rich Chycki didn't remix the whole album - Alex Lifeson did once say that he wanted Rich Chycki to remix the album along with maybe Signals. So how come David Botrill ended up with the job? www.soundcloud.com/jack-morris-16
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