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    Bloomington, IN
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    Music, reading, movies, video games.

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    Red Barchetta is one of them.
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    Permanent Waves, maybe?
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    My Dad used to play me 2112 on vinyl everynight, and it ended up being the first album I fell in love with and the first CD I ever bought.
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    Yes, The Allman Brothers Band, The Doors
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  1. I used to say Signals, but I've since grown into Power Windows so much, so that's my pick.
  2. Wow, too many to choose. But when Alex comes out of the guitar solo in "Dreamline" with that super high-sustained note and the vocals kick in with so much energy, it nearly always knocks me on my ass. Also, the end of Hemispheres (truth of love, etc.). I know it's obvious, but it's some of the most emotional music I have ever heard.
  3. Opening Credits: YYZ Waking Up: Malignant Narcissism First Day At School: Half the World Falling In Love: War Paint Fight Song: Anagram Breaking Up: Between Sun & Moon Prom: Scars Life: Face Up Mental Breakdown: Open Secrets Driving: Ghost Rider (haha, awesome) Flashback: Good News First Getting Back Together: Resist Wedding: One Little Victory Birth of Child: Closer to the Heart Final Battle: Armor and Sword Death Scene: Double Agent Funeral Song: Before and After End Credits: Chemistry
  4. Yeah, I always viewed it as a history lesson.
  5. I'm nowhere near creative enough to find a good picture, if someone has one feel free to put it up.
  6. A Show of Hands. I know I made a lot of enemies. But it's a damn tough pick.
  7. Makes me think of 'Discovery' from 2112.
  8. I enjoyed this film a great deal. I can't believe people complain about all the dialogue in Death Proof; without it, the car scenes wouldn't be anywhere near as tense. I definitely preferred it to Planet Terror, but the entire package was damn good.
  9. Great show. The only one I catch regularly. http://youtube.com/watch?v=OfBrysb64Ic hahaha
  10. Hemispheres is great, but there simply aren't enough songs.
  11. It really just isn't Yes without Jon Anderson, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Keith Richards is the man. That's pretty much all I can say about that.
  13. Grace. Haven't voted in a while, good to see the best albums still remaining.
  14. Wow. Did someone seriously vote for Moving Pictures?
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