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  1. I stumbled upon a Vinyl record in Portland, OR a couple years ago entitled "Everything Your Listeners Wanted To Hear By Rush But You Were Too Afraid To Play". From what I've gathered I know it's relatively rare as it's the only Rush vinyl that wasn't made for sale and is not listed in their discography in any form. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything_Your_Listeners_Ever_Wanted_to_Hear_by_Rush..._But_You_Were_Afraid_to_Play My question is, how do I go about finding how much it's really worth? Where do I begin or does anyone around here know themselves!? Thanks!
  2. QUOTE (WIDE-ANGLE WATCHER @ Jul 13 2011, 06:32 PM) Great find! .... Rare or not. I am jealous. I have added Exit....Stage Left and RUSH Through Time to my RUSH vinyl collection since this photo. http://i815.photobucket.com/albums/zz77/tanhuntland/Myvinyl004.jpg I have RUSH 2112 All the World's Farewell to Kings Permanent Waves Moving Pics Exit... Signals Grace A Show of Hands I'm only 17 so obviously i've just collected these through finding them in various record stores in Portland.
  3. Hey all...I was in a record store in Portland, OR about a year ago and stumbled on this and picked it up. I was wondering if anyone has seen it and is it worth anything? It's called "Everything Your Listeners Wanted to Hear by Rush but you were afraid to play" The Cover Tracklisting Back Cover Let me know!!!
  4. Opening Credits: Rush - The Spirit Of Radio Waking Up: Rush - Spindrift First Day at School: Rush - Freewill Falling In Love: Death Cab For Cutie-Marching Bands of Manhatten Fight Song: The Raconteurs-Five on the Five Breaking Up: Death Cab For Cutie-Soul Meets body Prom: Rush-Red Barchetta Life: Rush--The Main Monkey Business Mental Breakdown: Rush--Natural Science Driving: Rush--Driven Flashback: Rush--Finding My Way Getting Back Together: Death Cab For Cutie-Transatlantiscism Wedding: Rush--Resist Birth of Child: The Decemeberists-The Crane Wife 3 Final Battle: Rush--Far Cry Funeral Song: Boston-Foreplay/Longtime End Credits: Rush--We Hold On
  5. Everyone needs to go get the bootleg "the fifth order of angels" from their first tour. It will boost your liking for the first album tremendously.
  6. The Decemberists 11/29/08 Crystal Ballroom Portland Oregon
  7. The Decemberists Jan. 22nd 2008 Awesome show.....they really know how to interact and make the show funny but not stupid.
  8. Ok, a couple months ago i said that some people over in Making Modern Music are making a TRF Rush cover album....And it's going GREAT so far. We are almost 1/2 way done...and here is what we have so far(there will be about 12 songs total) The Main Monkey Business Guitar: _pete_ Bass: The Camera Eye82 Drums: Neil Peart himself (off of his website) Synth: Dr. Raven Between The Wheels Guitar:Pete Bass: The Camera Eye82 Drums: KirkDS Synth: Camera Eye82/Dr. Raven Vox: Hunter The Weapon (Note, this one is still up for a little bit more mixing) Guitar: _pete_ Bass: The Camera Eye82 Drums: KirkDS Synth: The Camera Eye82 Vox: Hunter The Larger Bowl Guitar: Hunter Bass: RushBass Drums: Cygnus X-1b2k Vox: Hunter ALL MIXING DONE BY: DR. RAVEN Project Moderator: Analogkid1123 So that's where we are at so far. I think it's sounding great.....comments wanted... ATTENSION!!!!! WE NEED DRUMMERS TO FINISH THE PROJECT!!!! WE HAVE 0!!!! Private Message me to help!!!
  9. Death Cab For Cutie June 27 2008 Chris Walla's guitar work is amazing....and Jason McGer's drum fills are at their best.
  10. QUOTE (Alex @ Aug 25 2008, 03:19 PM) Who voted Adam West? he was good at what he was asked to do...which was a goofier role..... So, i voted adam....
  11. I liked his magic trick xD The whole movie was great...in my tp 3 ever... Top 3: Forest Gump Dark Knight ???? idk a last one. id have to think
  12. La Villa Strangiato --> O...MY...GOD!!!
  13. dude......wedding nails is just fun to rock out to....this whole album rocks...
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