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  1. Harrison: 1T, 2F Clapton: 2T, 8F Beck: 4T, 6F Page: 2T, 6F (if we're talking his acoustic work, he'd get a 4T...he's a better acoustic guitarist than electric, imo). Hendrix: 3T, 7F
  2. In recognition that all this is very subjective, I don't have an issue with putting Vai at a 10 for technique (Paul Gilbert ranks right up there as well). I don't agree that Eddie is at a 10 for emotiveness. SRV would get my vote for that rating/category. Gilmour, too, for that matter. I'd put Alex at about a 3 for technique and a 7 for feel. EVH would get a 7 for technique and a 6 for feel.
  3. Who would you put at 10 for those categories?
  4. He's my favorite guitarist and has been for decades. He's certainly not the most technical player out there, nor is he the most emotive, but for me he sits in the sweet spot between feel and technique.
  5. JARG

    There are no words

    Yes. The AI can't quite get all the little nuances that Phil would have if he were to actually be singing on the track.
  6. My understanding is that a producer is supposed to serve as an "objective ear" when it comes to song's composition/arrangement, and individual performances during the song's recording. I would expect a producer to suggest things like changing the key a song is in, or the tempo it's being played at, or extending/shortening various parts of the song to make it "flow" better, and stuff like that.
  7. Cool-looking venue. And man, she can belt.
  8. "whew" was the very thought I had. Dave's time is coming, for sure, and I don't know how much creative juice he has left, but it's still gonna' be a sad day when he's gone to play that great gig in the sky.
  9. I've always thought "everybody got to deviate from the norm" was a message to Terry.
  10. An early negative consequence of the internet for him:
  11. My initial daily musical diet consisted of AM radio. This was in the mid 70s, so my diet consisted largely of disco and "novelty" pop songs. I thought that was what good music sounded like. It was also around this time that I began to take an interest in fantasy and science-fiction stories. In '77 Star Wars came out and had a huge impact on me (I was 12 at the time). It was also in '77 that I walked into the house after coming home from school where my older brother was playing By-Tor and the Snowdog on the "hi-fi" really loud. I came in right during Neil's three big drum fills. I was stunned. I'd never heard music like that. I'd never been truly affected by music before that moment. I sat down with the album and started reading the lyrics. "Holy shit, this band is singing songs about fantasy stuff!" Yeah, it was love at first listen/read for me. If I look back at that 12 year old kid and think about what he would have thought of Rush had his first introduction to the band been, say, HYF or Presto or RTB or, quite a few other albums, I don't think he would have connected to the band in any meaningful way. I don't know that the music would have hit me the same way, and I think the subject matter of lyrics from those later albums would have been too "mature" to appeal to my 12 year old self.
  12. I remember when TFE came out, I and a guitarist buddy of mine were both initially disappointed with it. A few days later he sent me and email where he said, "dude, Lifeson is all over this record!" Yes that's certainly true. There are lots and lots of guitar tracks on the record, but what's there isn't much to write home about, imo.
  13. Time and Motion's only saving graces, in my opinion, are the lyrics and the abstract guitar solo.
  14. Pretty much the same here. The thing is, I really like Presto...the way I listen to it is to think I'm listening to a pop band that was heavily influence by Rush.
  15. Inspired by a discussion in SOCN.
  16. Rush tribute band back in the 90s.
  17. We did this one in our set. The solo was always, without exception, a major struggle for me. I love the song; hate that I butchered it so many times.
  18. I've always wondered how many of the lines in the song were written by Talbot vs. Peart.
  19. I agree. That each should do their part doesn't necessarily mean he thought those "parts" were equal.
  20. JARG

    A new Lerxst solo!

    His right hand is as fast as ever. His left hand can no longer keep up.
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