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  1. I'm stoked. Silver Surfer is definitely a BAMF.
  2. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ Jun 27 2006, 10:11 AM)QUOTE (madra sneachta @ Jun 27 2006, 12:05 PM) I'm now going to offend everyone and suggest that 12 Monkeys is better than Brazil. I'm the opposite of Milty - 12 Monkeys is in my Top 5, Brazil is Top 30. That doesn't offend me, I agree with you. Brazil is my favorite movie, but that doesn't offend me either. They're both great to me. Saying things like "omg that movie iz soooooo boring n doesnt make ne sense" would though. Damn my friend.
  3. Brazil is my favorite movie of all time. 12 Monkeys is in my top 10. Terry Gilliam is awesome.
  4. Very cool. I hope they do a lot of horror movies.
  5. ATHF rules. Dr. Weird goes hard. I was bummed when they stopped using him. Dr. Weird: Gentlemen! I bring you... MORE CORN! Steve: Uh, sheesh, I dunno, man. I mean, after last time... Dr. Weird: This time... SHALL BE DIFFERENT! Mwahahahahahaha! Steve: [stares at the bowl of corn] Alright, 'cause I am hungry again. [gets punctured by the corn yet again] Dr. Weird: [pointing to Steve] It's not different at all! Is it Steve! Mwahahaha!
  6. The show was good, then bad, and now it's good again. AotS was good, now it's almost unwatchable. The rest of G4 is complete crap. Two year old reruns of Cheat! - A totally pointless show since the internet exists. The Man Show reruns - Who actually watched this when it was on? Fastlane reruns - Star Trek - I don't hate Star Trek, but when they show it, THEY DON'T STOP. There's like 10 episodes in a row on tomorrow. (Then a 10 episode marathon of The Man Show, god no.) Icons - This could be a good series of documentaries on gaming and comic culture, and it has been in the past, but lately... well, just look at the next one: "ICONS: Michelle Rodriguez Doing jail time, for her much publicized DUI is perfectly suited to the 'tough-chick' actress, Michelle Rodriguez. Join ICONS as we punch-it-out with the star of "Girlfight," "The Fast and the Furious" and ABC's "Lost." And join Michelle as she goes where few celebrities dare to go - skydiving!" and Formula D... just wow. G4 really has almost nothing to do with gaming now.
  7. I love the first one, so they better not f**k this one up. If it does well, do you think they'd make another Labyrinth too? If David Bowie is back I hope they digitally "fix" his tights if you know what I'm saying
  8. If it weren't for the well known actors in it, this would be premiering on Sci-Fi Channel. Uwe Boll sucks at life.
  9. As much as I wanna be cool and go with a lesser known choice I had to vote for Ziggy. I love that album.
  10. this one almost made me cry: http://www.zonicweb.net/badalbmcvrs/karatist.jpg
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHF6FeQbfkY Looks pretty "meh" so far, and Michael Bay is never a good name to have attached to your movie.
  12. The Misfits, Wu-Tang, Against Me!, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, At the Drive-in, The Mars Volta, Samhain, Bjork, Joy Division, Slayer, Outkast, Tool, most of the bands that Mike Patton has been in
  13. Don't forget about that terrible Captain America movie from 1991. I'm a Marvel fanboy as far as comics go, but there's no question about the film adaptations.
  14. There's some clips from Riki Oh on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTb_PdmPpkY
  15. bahaha yes! Best fight ever!
  16. Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki, Ninja Wars, and Drunken Wu Tang are some of the most hilariously ridiculous kung fu movies ever made. I could name hundreds of other kung fu and horror movies though, there's too many. One of the best mainstream B movies ever is John Carpenter's "They Live". Roddy Piper has a fight scene that goes on for so long it makes me cry.
  17. Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Metallica - Blackened
  18. QUOTE (TheMeek @ May 13 2006, 10:56 PM) I think the real question is "who DOESN'T like this song?". Myself and most of the people I know that like Rush. The lyrics kill the song for me. I didn't think it could get worse...and then Virtuality came on.
  19. haha yeah, The Inside Story with Slim Goodbody. The guy freaks me out...and he still does this stuff too. http://www.slimgoodbody.com/
  20. He reminds me of that Slim Goodbody asshole from the 80s: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/06/347a.jpg
  21. SiriusRushFan is right. I'm close to Richmond, and it's an Elliot circle jerk on the news and radio.
  22. Yeah, most anime DVDs have the option of turning on the original Japanese and English subtitles. I'm stubborn about it too, except for the Cowboy Bebop series. I think the english voices are better on that one.
  23. and your sig rocks.. I don't know if you're just a comic fan or a gamer or both, but Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is my favorite game ever. Too bad my pos Xbox crapped out on me. I haven't played it in months.
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