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  1. Below is a link to a pdf of my Rush novel. I am providing it free to read and share. I've realized it's not going to make me rich and famous or win a National Book Award (LOL!) so now I'm just giving it away. General Admission. a novel. (Buyer beware: You get what you pay for (!)(?)
  2. John Dies at the End - Jason Pargin.
  3. Styx - Crash of the Crown Rush - Grace Under Pressure Yo Miles Cecil Taylor - Live Camel Driver
  4. Under rated: Ceiling Unlimited, Didacts and Narpets (I know, not really a song but I like it alot), Far Cry (I know most people like the song but I think it deserves to stand alongside their best work). Over rated: Most of Snakes and Arrow (except above and the instrumentals).
  5. Not sure it's fair to call them a bad band but I saw Rush with 38 Special and it sure seemed like a bad match.
  6. Hi, I wrote a novel about going to a Rush concert in 1980. Most of the book is set in the parking lot of the concert hall because, you know, you have to get there early for a general admission show if you want to get close to the stage. The book is loaded with bright stuff for the uber Rush fans such as references to deep cuts, a discussion about the misprinted lyrics on Permanent Waves, a “street theater” production based on 2112, philosophical musings about the Fear sequence, and so on. And then things get weird. The boundaries between the real and the unreal collide when a necromancer weaves a snake kaiju out of threads of fear. Limelight is used to create sci-fi weaponry. Exotic energy shatters the boundaries between realms of the multiverse. The characters spiral through a timeless space to a strange immortal place. What strange place, you ask? How about a remote world of barren landscape save for the giant floating brain beneath a royal blue sky. Meanwhile, our heroes wrestle with their own inner demons related to race, religion, friendship, and love. You can purchase a copy exclusively through Amazon. GENERAL ADMISSION by Richard Reyes
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