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  1. Wilson's Aqualung remix is stellar (the only other Wilson remix I have is Chicago II, also stellar). I've not heard this album yet.
  2. The admins here can't see members' passwords either. If you forget your password and at some point you can't log in, email us at admin@therushforum.com and we can help you regain access.
  3. I've never been a big NBA fan, and this will certainly not change that. What this coach said after this game is getting a lot of attention.
  4. Some heads will roll, but the same types of heads will replace them, and then they'll be replaced ... and that is life in Jerry World. This maddening cycle of underachieving -- especially in the playoffs -- will continue until: A) Jerry Jones puts his ego aside and hires a respected head coach that is given autonomy, which will never happen because he's a narcissistic control freak who only hires lapdogs. Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells -- three legends and subsequent Jones victims -- can vouch for this. B) Jerry Jones dies and someone other than his kids takes over, which will never happen because his kids are already ensconced in the highest levels of the organization. That sounds like mob boss stuff, doesn't it? Being a Giants fan is not much fun right now, but I truly can't imagine being a Cowboys fan.
  5. Congrats to the Bills! I have zero allegiance towards the Bucs, but I hate the Eagles, so...
  6. Officiating is BAD. The Lions just got away with pass interference -- a call there would have given the Rams a huge first down. Makes up for the earlier bad call that went against them. Kinda.
  7. NFL officiating seems to have it in for the Lions. Another bad call goes against them.
  8. In their defense, they did preface that by saying if a viewer had just tuned in and saw that score they'd think both teams were involved in a shootout.
  9. They guys in the booth said it, the game wasn't as close as the final score might indicate. They also stuck up for McCarthy, but I still don't think he should be there next season.
  10. Dak does need to be better, but Dallas' everything got worked. They've been outclassed in every facet of the game. And they shouldn't have been.
  11. 48-16 now. I don't see how McCarthy survives this. If he's still the head coach come training camp then Jerry Jones needs to be locked out of the building.
  12. Consumers in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain just got a lot healthier.
  13. One of the best made for TV movies ever. I saw it when it premiered, and when that scene came on I was of course glued to the TV. Just after David Soul opened the coffin, the movie was interrupted by the network for some bullshit special report and I missed the whole scene. They couldn't have timed that any worse -- it was like they waited to cut in at that exact moment just to troll everybody. I didn't get to see that scene until years later as YouTube or Netflix hadn't been invented yet. I was a huge fan of Starsky and Hutch too. RIP David.
  14. That might be my favorite track from Southern Steel. Morse is in my top-5, and I've been a fan since The Dregs' Unsung Heroes album. I could listen to him shredding it up all day long, but I'm more drawn to his melodic songs. Vista Grande is a good example, along with these.
  15. I liked season 1 a lot, when work slows down I will check out season 2. I do like how they're respecting the source material.
  16. It's not a bad song. Couple of nice Steven-esque chord changes. One line seems a little clunky ("In the forest where moonlight it shines") and it's not a set of lyrics Steven would have thought to write, but it's not bad.
  17. Andre Braugher, star of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘Homicide: Life On The Street,’ dies at age 61 https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/12/entertainment/andre-braugher-obit/index.html Eleven Primetime Emmy Award nominations, two wins.
  18. $700 million for ten years. No athlete is worth that. Not even a unicorn like Ohtani. I actually think it's irresponsible to give out a contract like that.
  19. Patrick Kane in a Red Wings uniform. It's weird.
  20. Never got into this band, but Goodwyn had a great voice. I liked the shoutout the Trailer Park Boys gave them in the episode where Ricky kidnapped Alex. RICKY: Hey, play "I Like To Rock." ALEX: That's April Wine RICKY: Well play that "Diane Sawyer" song, just f**kin' play something.
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