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  1. If there's any more stock film of women applauding, I'll clear the court!
  2. I'm a qualified brain surgeon! I only do this job because I like being my own boss!
  3. I've got three children and I'm at my wits end. No job, no insurance, no money at all. I just don't know where to turn. I'm absolutely at the end of my tether.
  4. It's the Cutty Sark. It's a model I've been making in the dark for some years now.
  5. Well, because we don't believe in all that Papist claptrap, we can take precautions!
  6. The Nauseas will be there, and Doug and Janice Mucus, and the Rectums from Swanage.
  7. I shall be using an ordinary two-footed jump, straight up in the air and across the Channel.
  8. It's like those miserable Psalms, they're sooooo depressing.
  9. It brings you exciting new cholera, mange, dropsy, the clap, hard pad and athlete's head.
  10. Dallas' D came to play tonight. But their penchant for taking bad penalties showed up too.
  11. See how he uses a spanner to tighten that nut!
  12. By a combination of violence and sarcasm, the Blackhawk brothers by February 1996 controlled Chicago and the Southeast of Illinois.
  13. The Eagles who started the year 11-0 showed up tonight. Oh well, Giants overall had a good year under new coach Daboll.
  14. A fumble recovery then an interception by KC have pretty much sealed this one with just a few minutes left.
  15. 4th quarter, and JAX is giving KC a game, KC up by only 3.
  16. Now, look here. You barge in here, quite uninvited, break glasses, and then announce, quite casually, that we're all dead. Well, I would remind you that you are a guest on this board!
  17. Sir, I don't know how to say this but I got to be perfectly frank. I really and truly believe this story of yours is the greatest story in motion-picture history.
  19. This hamster is no more! He has ceased to be! He's expired and gone to meet his maker! He's a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in peace!
  20. TRF wish it to be known that that man was not a bona fide animal lover, and also that goldfish do not eat sausages.
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