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  1. Does anyone watch it? It is my favorite TV show!
  2. Does any like any bands in this list besides Rush? Cheap Trick,The Who,Green Day,Helloween,Rush,Kiss,Deep Purple,Motley Crue,Led Zeppelin,Tom Petty and the Hb,Gamma Ray,Kix,Pearl Jam,AC/DC,The Clash,Pink Cream 69,Def Leppard,Nirvana,Metallica,Ramones,Mudhoney,The Offspring,Yes,Iron Maiden,Gun's in Roses,Twisted Sister,Slayer,Quiet Riot,Joan Jett and the Bh,Sex Pistols,Devo,Tesla,Alice In Chains,Agent Orange,Savtage,Aerosmith, Judas Priest,Heart,Europe,The Beatles,Rolling Stones,Everclear,Cinderella,Beastie Boys,Anthrax,Whitesnake,Linkin Park,Alice Cooper,Failsafe,Van Halen,Megadeth... This list could change...
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