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  1. Got mine for NJ. I've never seen them!
  2. I heard it wasn't till close to midnight after the city show I did consider waiting but on the other hand I've met him twice and I figured it would probably be a mob scene so I went home instead but then I felt better when I heard that it was a pretty long wait for him.
  3. I know some had success at stage door at The beacon.
  4. Eric mccormack again in boston
  5. There were plenty of quiet moments, too. And the applause, not like Paul Rudd was standing there holding up an "APPLAUSE" sign.
  6. Yw! Yeah, I saw it was sold out. I'm not going to Boston, but would’ve loved to have met her. But i'm sure there will be other peeps at bars near the theater!?
  7. Well, it's hard not to be excited, 8 years after we saw him last. And it's like any one-man show. You laugh, you clap. Like Dave Grohl or Bono's show.
  8. Boston. She's going to be at the RushCon pre-gaming event in Boston. But yes, if shes's the interviewer there, which seems logical, she's not spoiling.
  9. now I kind a wish I had bought some thing lol
  10. Yes, a bunch of things, but i didn’t take pix...my bad. A poster, a shirt, i think a hoodie? If you're on fb or insta, i think the girl from Rushcon took a pic of merch.
  11. Our host was Paul Rudd, they seemed very comfortable together. And i met Jonathan Dinklage at the Rushcon pregame and he was super nice. I mentioned going to this year's Bubba Bash and that I'm going to the next one in January and he had he has a surprise. I said what is it and he said I'm not going to tell you! 🙂
  12. It was so great. He's funny and humble and just awesome. He came on a little after 8:00 and was done at about 10:10.
  13. Orch 2. RushCon gathering first.
  14. And just heard Jonathan Dinklage is going to be at RushCon gathering beforehand.
  15. Well I for one CAN NOT WAIT FOR MONDAY!!!
  16. Need an account, blah. But good pic of him, anyway.
  17. I'm thinking Donna Halper will be interviewer in Boston, becaue she's going to Rushcon event beforehand.
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