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  1. It seems a tad risky. Though if it were Styx I wouldn't think twice and given what I saw on their fan club Forum yesterday it seems like a lot of people are all in. But it is a big stadium so I hope in Jan can get something for one of the nights.
  2. I'm torn about this one, you have to get tickets for both shows and if you were to resell, it has to be both also. They say regular single show tickets will go on sale in January IF there are any left, I would think there would be. I saw them at the stadium about 5 years ago and it was great, but not sure I want to go to two shows this time around.
  3. I never heard this song before but I like it!
  4. Saw Yes last night in small local PAC theater. I'd never seen them before. They did Close to the Edge and some other stuff. Now, I realize this is the current iteration, so of course it's not the same. But it was fun, and I honestly didn't realize how proggy they are! I'm mostly just familiar with their more well-known hits. Anyway, it was fun to see Geoff Downes and Steve Howe. And I always love being in a crowd that is so appreciative and into it, and this crowd was totally into it. I was saying to my friend "And I thought Rush fans were nerdy, lol" and the guy in front of us came back to his seat at that very moment and said to his friends "it's just like a Rush concert, long line at the men's room and no line at the ladies room!"
  5. Going to Yes tonight at Bergen Pac, last minute decision with a friend who needs cheering up!
  6. I was out with tshirt, no jacket, driving with the windows open. It's been like late Sept, not mid November!
  7. happy birthday to my most annoying earworm on TRF, lol!
  8. I have a show - PHEW! Going to see Beach Boys with John Stamos (be still my heart) at Carnegie Hall. Some kind of holiday show. Dennis Wilson won't be with them unfortunately, I know he's only sort of singing, but still would've been nice (pardon the pun). But still, will be a fun kick off to the Christmas season for me, I'll go see the tree at Rockefeller Plaza first, etc. (I just realized that reads like I'm going to the concert WITH John Stamos, haha, but I'm going to leave it)
  9. I saw them in 2019 I think it was? it was a lot of fun.
  10. Thanks Becky! you're the best.
  11. ok, I just got this back from Pru security: Laura, I am in receipt of your e mail regarding the report of a subject carrying a firearm at the Iron Maiden concert. I am aware of the situation as well. The subject was a sworn police officer and was identified at the ingress as being armed. We have a process that sworn officers have to follow. Once security was advised that his weapon was observed by patrons he was removed and escorted out of facility. So I suppose that makes it better, but, still, not sure how I feel about that. I mean, if there had been something that happened, would he have pulled his gun? I guess he carries it around wherever he is, and I don't blame him for having it in Newark, but in General Admission at an Iron Maiden concert, when he's crowd surfing....that makes me a tad uncomfortable!
  12. Yes! Apparently he was crowd surfing and someone up there saw a gun, I guess in his waistband or something. They alerted security who came and took him out, I think over the front rail. It was in the group chat on the Maiden Fan Club forum., from people who were right up there.
  13. and I.....have NOTHING... I don't like it. LOL.
  14. I'm glad you liked it! I was there Friday night. The ONLY thing that struck me was that he didn't go way up high on Run To The Hills. But I mean, considering his cancer and just aging in general, that's not too much of a shocker. And, they are all aging, but aren't we all. The sound was still great, it was a great crowd (except for the man with the gun up by the stage which we all heard about the next day - yikes, good job Prudential (*rolling eyes) ) and we had the best time, too. We were on the floor but back by the soundboard, further back than my last time but just as much fun, and more breathing room, which was fine by me. But the energy is just amazing.
  15. I was curious about this as well.
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