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  1. That sounds perfect! Yeah it is. Winter here is awesome.
  2. That is a very cun'ty thing to say. Seriously she needs her mouth clamped shut. She’s talking about herself.
  3. Imagine getting raped .. then imagine speaking with someone who has never been raped, and they use the phrase "the type of woman you are", and they have never had to deal with a violent crime because they give off the vibe of "don't mess with me" In other words, your shortcomings allowed it to happen . . I don’t have to imagine. You don’t have to explain it to me. I just didn’t take it the way everybody else seems to be.
  4. That’s funny because I didn’t take what she said as being derogatory or negative in any way. Don’t quite understand the angry comments here.
  5. We finally got relief from the heat and it’s cooled off to high 70s low 80s. This is why I love this place this time of year.
  6. Sharon Osbourne being a bitch? Of all people? Ludicrous. Also, who looks at a sexual deviant/abuser like Harvey and says "Well, why didn't he do anything to ME?" What a f***ing self centered dumbass. You’re reading it wrong. This is after-the-fact and only speculation. It’s not like she wanted him to do something.
  7. Never really got into them until about 10 years ago when the guitarist in my band gave me a CD of their stuff. Too repetitive for me but I can certainly see why people like them.
  8. No. It's on-going. Every day on TRF is a party. Haven't you noticed? Well that’s definitely true.
  9. Who eats plain white potatoes? Apparently people who have khaki paint on their houses. I'm sure people who think Brooks is "pablum for the masses" only listen to real highbrow stuff like Liszt and Puccini. Nothing wrong with some Tosca and Turandot once in a while.
  10. There’s a party? Have I missed it?
  11. I tried watching it again the other night on Netflix. Turned it off about halfway through. It was fun the first time, but it’s not really a movie to rewatch. It’s kind of boring.
  12. I think he’s popular because his music is pablum for the masses. For the same reason so many people like plain white potatoes and khaki paint on their houses. Bland to fit in.
  13. It would be strange to see him gray-haired but I’m sure he’d look good too.
  14. I thought the action sequences were pretty amazing. It was like watching a live video game.
  15. I don’t know but last time I saw them they were very much at “the top of their game”. You think Geddy sings as well as he did in the 80’s? His voice has been declining since the late 2000’s. Alex made a ton of flubs on the last tour and Neil suffers a lot every tour. Why push it?
  16. Heaven Is For Real. Sweet movie with a few tearjerker moments.
  17. Finished it tonight but not sure I like the ending. I figured it would be a cliffhanger but that felt tacked on.
  18. I don’t know why anyone would want them to keep going when they’re not at the top of their game anymore. It would be terrible to see them become one of those bands that just don’t know when to quit.
  19. How so? To me it was the perfect time to quit.
  20. I don't have a problem with that. Aye you started it! :D hey, who's the lady in your avatar pic? She's breathtaking. She's a TV presenter in the UK. Small version looks a bit like Eliza Dushku.
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