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  1. That should be fair. I was once at a meet and greet for a Metal band I like, not huge, but have been a fan for a long time. I was with a friend who is another longtime fan. We were chatting with 2 other guys and 1 of them was just there as a tag along, he hardly knew any of the music of the band, and couldn't state any of the band members names. I'm sure we weren't the only people in the group that was wondering why the hell this guy was here, surely there is plenty of other people that would be thrilled to be in his shows.
  2. Im just glad you mad it back to Alberta for another show RushBoingo! I was happy with the crowd in YYC. Even thought we weren't right up front most of the people seemed to be legit fans and enoying themselves. There was a couple in front of us, a little older than us mid late 30's. They were right into it, singing every word, even the first sets material. Lots of people chatting with us. When we ate dinner downtown a fan saw my shirt and started telling me he had seen the show in Toronto 3 weeks ago and that we were going to LOVE it! There seemed to be a decent amount of females, including some younger ones. My wife and I weren't the only ones that took the rare opportunity during LakeSide Park to have a dance with the S/O in the stands. NEVER thought I would hear that one live. As for the drum kit, as soon as the venue opened up and we found it the lineup was VERY long. After not long we gave up and decided to head for our seats. I was surprised that they did not make any mention of how long it has been since they played Calgary (2007) or the whole flooded out venue and finally making it back etc
  3. I still love DEW, regardless of heavy radio play. I was slightly upset to miss it in Calgary wednesday, but would still take BTW by a hair because of how awesome Alex sounds ripping that dark evil guitar sound in an arena
  4. What makes people think losing it is on tonight?
  5. I loved this album when I was young and first getting into the band mid nineties. I'm pretty sure it was the 3rd album I got after Perm Waves and MP. Haven't given it much love it quite some time.
  6. I wish Dragonball would go sideways, is this the only feed?
  7. Those are nice tickets! For this show I had by far the worst tickets I have ever had for Rush. My luck had to run out sooner or later. I was 4 rows up, lower bowl at the start of the sound board. Not bad, I will never top my front row experience 2 years ago. But I would have loved the show from the worst seats in the house anyways. It was not as easy to see from where I was, but it's possible Alex was not nearly as Smiley-goofy Alex as he was in previous tours in Edmonton. In the BTW intro and outro I just wished the guitar was louder, I want those mean growls to be peeling everyone's faces off! I really hope there is another leg and it makes it to Edmonton. The Saddledome is a horrible arena for a concert. It makes our old barn that will soon be replaced look pretty good in comparison.
  8. I can't believe they got natural science as a bonus and we didn't!
  9. Where are my other Alberta fans at? How was everyone's night? I was very pleased that the band seemed to do a same-set on Denver SLC which changed out order up. I was really glad to get switched into Between the Wheels and Camera eye. Sound was pretty bad the first few songs but they got it sorted out after that. It was the R40 experience that I have hoped for for years. I don't think I could ask for more. If that is indeed IT, I can say they went out with a bang, on a high note.
  10. Rush has had the same techs for a long time. I'm assuming they are so very particular about the essentials like FOH (main mix), monitor mix Brent, that they are willing to pay them some sort of salary to NOT take on any other tours. Maybe they do some one off's but to keep them ready for Rush. I have a friend in the touring industry that is in that exact scenerio.
  11. I hope I have the oppritunity to check this out on Sunday night via Nebraska, sit with a beer and watch a mediocre live iPhone feed.
  12. Am I the only person who feels sorry for the person who's night is ruined holding up their phone the entire time instead of watching whilist throwing hands in the air at the appropirate moment
  13. I have to say, I am blown away by the setlist. So very jealous of the folks who caugh opening night. I can't wait till Calgary
  14. No, I would just feel sorry for anyone ruining their Rush concert night experience by holding a phone all the way through it. In 2013 in the front row I did not even take a single photo during the show, thankfully my wife did take some snaps and short videos.
  15. I would love to say Calgary this time, but I would say it's highly unlikely. Maybe Toronto or Buffulo.
  16. I can't second that enough. I see so many people wasting time filming. I prefer to watch the show. I'm one of the few that actually still brings binoculars when my seats are not up front. That drives me nuts watching people at a show spending the whole time trying to record it on their phone. I will take a few pics here and there, but I am not holding my phone up to record all the show. Just a few weeks ago I was able to see one of my favourite metal bands of all time, I secured myself a spot on the barricade and spent my time watching the band rockiing out, living the moment. I can watch their DVD at home later
  17. I can't entirely agree with that. No, Stubhub themselves are not buying tickets or selling the tickets, but they are the marketplace where tickets are bought and sold, taking a cut every step of the way. They are the dominant after market for tickets. A buyer has no contact with the seller. Have you ever heard someone describe a SH ticket purchase in any way other than "I got these tickets off of Stubhub"
  18. By the time I started going to concerts is right when ticket sales on the internet started to grow. Of course, back in the early days 2000-2003 you could get great seats for Face value if you were on TM refreshing at the moment the show went on sale. It also helped if 2-3 guys were trying on different computers on different homes on different internet connections, on a conference call, and whoever got the best match did the purchase. Sadly I never had the chance to camp out at TM all night to buy tickets. I would gladly do that for the best chance at Rush tickets today, but those days are long gone.
  19. At least around here, every single EDM event has VIP tickets. Every single one!
  20. Make sure to arrange to get there early! There is nothing that can be more stressful on show day that trying to work a full day and cutting it close getting to the venue, fighting with traffic, etc. Take the afternoon off and get to the venue, or close by plenty early. Grab dinner close by, get inside early, grab a beer, take a nice walk around the venue to get a good venue of backstage, grab another beer and make some new friends. Be prepared to have an awesome time.
  21. I agree. The internet with Stubhub and brokers have turned our rock heros into filthy prostitutes, it can be very upsetting but the best thing to do is to not pay those insane prices you see. I'm sure glad I was able to see so many big bands in the 2000's before the world of ticket brokering exploded. I have paid face value to see rush from 6th row floor, 1st row floor, and 2nd floor of closest lower bowl section (twice). Hopefully next friday when general sale goes on sale for Calgary my luck continues.
  22. I would normally say on the floor you have no choice but to stand, if you want to see. If your legs tire and you have to take a short sit during a song it's not the end of the world, but you may not be able to see a thing. I would say for the lower bowl, at least the closest sections that it is also acceptable to stand or sit, but those sitting don't have much right to complain to those standing. If you want to sit you are better off to sit further back where your less likely to have someone in your way. I have been hassled for standing at lower bowl seats for many bands, including Aerosmith, Slayer, Audioslave, by the guy who wants to watch a rock show like it's TV and he is on the couch at home. I consider it a huge sign of respect to stand for a band. I personally can't stand sitting, it ruins a rock show for me. I have no idea what the guy mentioned above was thinking the audience at the Slayer concert would be like lol.
  23. Unless another "Sarstock" pops up there won't be any shows in 2014. Perhaps we could get them to Measles-Stock in Alberta
  24. It has! I already can't wait for the next tour.
  25. For the record Alex still fit the leather pants just fine at that point in time, so being a rock musician he gets a free pass on them. I can only say that at this point I was a young guy who would have loved to see one of my rock heros, but during this time they chose to forget about the part of Canada west of Toronto.
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