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  1. We will see what they play. I fail to comprehend how musicians who Taylor loved playing a song he loved in his memory could be in bad taste. Most charity all star tributes includes songs made famous by the guests. And hopefully extended jams. I will be shocked if all they play is the foos. Then again, my interest has diminished greatly. A large part of the appeal of this show was to see ged and Alex play for the first time. Glad they jammed with primus first!
  2. Lol I can envision a army of middle aged men with cut off tee shirts raising their arms to throw horns all while emitting a gaseous blend of mighty taco and Genesee cream ale.
  3. Pretty sure it will be live streamed on Amazon prime. I am still calling that they play a rush song. I think the primus gig was a practice run of sorts. I hope so as I do not care for the foos.
  4. More racing on redbull today at 5:20. Live from Quebec! I have been hurt for the last two months watching people race on TV nursing a hurt back. Brutal I think I am healed so it's time to make like horse shit and hit the trail!
  5. It sure is. My top ten rush records are the first ten rush records.
  6. I was never much of a fan of porno for pros but watched the lollapalooza set. Perry's voice sounds great. I was really surprised. The band was tight too. Great players.
  7. So... I was having a few beers with my brother last Sunday. I told him I had been checking out lollapalooza and his reply was pretty much the same as yours.
  8. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/how-to-sound-like-royal-blood Interesting read. Royal blood was the best band I saw on Hulu. Strangely enough, the performance I enjoyed the most was a band called hinds. 4 girls from Spain. Killer energy and just fun. The crowd was into maneskin. They rocked but it was a little cheesy imo. And very nippley! Lol None the djs or rappers impressed. Except for sampa the great. She was from somewhere in africa?
  9. https://youtu.be/mv_OPfQ80SE Get with times you dinosaurs! Here's some ghost for you two to enjoy. Lol
  10. Royal blood was good. Great drummer and the bass player was really unique. He seems to play the bass like a guitar? Kind a modern version of older muse? I like muse fwiw
  11. Imo the second most important song on the debut after working man is in the mood. A fan fave with the hey cookie lyrics and included on atwas. As a fan I am glad for no covers. But if they did do a cover, they should of played the slade classic. Cum on feel the noize. I can can hear ged belting it out now.....
  12. Well the mens TDF was awesome! Jonas kicks ass. Hard to watch the women's tour with all the brutal crashes. This afternoon at 4:22, it's mens and women's short track cross country mtb race on redbull Tmmrw it's gonna be a muddy shitfest for the downhill race. Sunday it's Olympic cross country. This weekend is at snowshoe in west Virginia. Only us stop this year. West Virginia has been getting hammered by rain. Gonna be sick. Streamed live or catch replay for free on redbull.
  13. I will try to check out royal blood. Thanks for the recommendation. I am not familiar with any artists the next two days.
  14. I like take a friend and before and after but do think they are the two weakest songs on the debut. I can't see not fade away or bad boy adding much. It seems that better covers could of been though. Perhaps from a business standpoint it would of been smart.
  15. I posted this as a friendly headups to any one who might have Hulu. So tune in or tune out. A little new music never hurt anyone. Not a real fan of any band playing but Billy strings is on next and if you appreciate next level playing check it out. Acoustic guitar ripping.
  16. https://www.hulu.com/lollapalooza FYI if you got Hulu. Check out schedule .Metallica and Billy strings tonight.
  17. tangy

    Debut album lyrics

    Who knows? Hard to believe all of that was written on the fly. I love the debut and the lyrics. I don't consider the lyrics on the debut to be all that much inferior to neil era rush. And really in a few cases superior to keys and post keys rush. Working man has stood the test of time and aged as well as any rush song.
  18. Happy birthday to a great artist. Recently learned he wrote the first cut is the deepest, which Rod Stewart made famous.
  19. Also congrats to Houle! First Canadian stage win since 1988.
  20. Sorry to see majka dropped out. He was hammering up one of the steepest sections in front of pogacar, when his chain broke. Hurt his quad. I was surprised he did not crash and suspect his clipless pedals led to his injury. Bummer. Wout van aert is imo the most impressive rider in the tour.
  21. May she rest in peace. So sad to hear this. Also may Indica rest in peace. He seemed like a really nice guy.
  22. Had not considered the possibility of doping by Tadej and while I like him, I would prefer someone else to win. If not vinegegaard, then maybe Geraint Thomas. It's kinda strange that Roglic is from Slovenia and so is pogacar? I guess anything is possible. I gotta think that the better pogacar does. The better majka does as it seems he does a lot work for pogacar? They are on the same team iirc
  23. I thought it was brilliant. I do wish that Geddy followed his outburst with a vigorous "take off, you hosers"
  24. Yeah, what a crazy day. Seemed like jumbo visma was sloppy from being so tired. Hope steven K is ok. I guess majka is your fave rider? Who else do you like ?
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