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  1. Unless it's in the encore. If there is a chronological approach, then my guess the encore will be a reflection if all the different eras. We have drum kit rumor which is reportedly for the 2nd set which one could conclude is for older songs. Cause and effect. If it's chronological and the 2nd set is older material then the 1st set would be newer. The encore would reflect the different eras. Maybe something like; Hemispheres Prelude Far Cry In The Mood Linelight Something like that...
  2. Im trying to find out. I think I read on their site that it will be up today at some point.
  3. http://s3-media1.fl.yelpassets.com/bphoto/C5RFPrZpe-bBWIo6bLPrKw/ls.jpg Funny - those werey sons exact words. That and "dad spoke to the great beyond" whe laughing.
  4. He answered my question! Dtpoet: "Sir, curious as the intricacies that go into finalizing a setlist and if there is a period of your music that you find yourself gravitating towards when you start the process. Thank you and have a good evening."
  5. BTW - this rumor only pertains to Red Lenses and Kid Gloves. Who is to say that these will be the only representatives of P/G? PowerWindows had 4-5 songs last tour on any given night. Just sayin'.....
  6. I just copyrighted "This Magnitude- Rush Live in Tulsa 2015" So none of you Bootleggers get any ideas I hope you are not talking about me because I've never made a bootleg. That's not a mini recorder in my pants. I'm just really happy to be here.... Yeah it would look really odd in my pants. In today's PC culture, you got it easy - non one would dare ask in fear of the wrong answer. Lol
  7. I just copyrighted "This Magnitude- Rush Live in Tulsa 2015" So none of you Bootleggers get any ideas I hope you are not talking about me because I've never made a bootleg. That's not a mini recorder in my pants. I'm just really happy to be here....
  8. This is the challenging part of setlist construction. Lol
  9. The only issue is that it's a 3 hour show, not 3 hours of music. There's an intermission of at least 10-15 minutes. Then there's a few minutes of dead space before the encore. Add in a minute or so for Geddy to talk to the crowd. Good set but I think you need to trim about 15-20 minutes of your songs.
  10. Is it possible that in this case, the word "huge" or phrase "of this magnitude", simply means something like, important or spectacular or amazing? These days, very few older bands are playing with all original members, like Rush (IMO, Neil counts as an original member). Hell, I think Scorpions are on their 8th bass player and maybe their 11th drummer. I suppose if a band was able to keep replenishing their supply of musicians, as needed, they could tour indefinitely. But with just one or two original members, aren't they then just essentially, cover bands? So, the fact that Rush is still touring with all original members, and able to perform at the level they do, despite the often merciless technicality of their music, to me, is pretty huge... as in, spectacular and amazing. :D ^^^^^agreed
  11. he's obviously telling the truth, he even told us that he has a source! what more do you need? I have to assume you're joking. The truly funny part is that someone could post the real setlist, back it up with multiple sources, and still about 1 out of 20 would believe it to be true.
  12. P/G was my first concert and the album thats solidified my rush fandom. Kid Gloves - all for it. Red Lenses - not a huge fan but I do like the beat.
  13. 10 Clockwork Angels 9 Vapor Trails 8 Roll The Bones 7 Grace Under Pressure 6 Signals 5 Hemispheres 4 Moving Pictured 3 PowerWindows 2 Counterparts 1 Permanent Waves
  14. Heheheh, sorry, I don't know who started "the rumor". Do you?? FOH - do you enjoy the teasing or do the questions become cumbersome?
  15. This far into rehearsals, the main set list has long been decided. I would hope. Now let the debate begin on what FOH means by "main". :)
  16. Haha, well that's basically true! This time has been more hush hush than ever, and definitely by design. What I can say is that the show itself will be incredible, with some never before seen effects, and just a whole bunch of what every LD/Pyro guy dreams of. Add to that the fact that the band sounds as tight and professional as ever, and this will be, IMO, the show of shows. Certainly, a very appropriate way for them to make their exit. Even if you have to beg, borrow, or steal (OK, maybe not steal), don't miss this one! That being said, I'm more than pretty sure that some leaks/photos will be seen before too long... :D Thanks FOH! Most know you are the go to person. It was VER tight before CA as well do I'm not expecting anything before the 8th - though I wants it very, very badly! Lol
  17. Justin - I've been following the Newark show since presale. Prices have continued to climb on the secondary market. Are you looking for a seat at original retail price? There's a Facebook page. I think it's called the Rush Ticket Exchange. It's designed for this; retail prices. Some people state they are buyer, some selling. Wouldn't hurt to post there.
  18. ^^^^NOW that's entertainment!!^^^^^. (Insert popcorn eating emoticon that I don't have)
  19. If you're going to get THAT distinct...I don't want to hear anything past Power Windows on this tour....in fact, let's even pull it back to Grace Under Pressure since they played a bunch of Power Windows stuff LAST tour! Let's keep it going. I mean, anything after Permanent Waves is just ridiculous since they played Moving Pictures in its entirety not that long ago. Besides, Tom Sawyer, YYZ, and Limelight ALWAYS get played every tour. Ugh.
  20. You're forgiven. My guess is a places got inquiries as to availability but ultimately didn't make the cut. CA was very tight lipped as well. The "80's renaissance" was not revealed until the first show. Who could blame a leaker for not leaking. Someone could post the exact setlist and maybe 1 out of 10 would believe it. The bad outweighs the good I'm afraid.
  21. I know. Lol! The really, really dumb part is that I was looking at The Rock for Imagine Dragons for my kids (who play 2 nights after Rush) and TM has the interactive map for them. Grr. However, I noticed with MSG that they even had the resales listed on the map where with I.D. they don't. I'm sure they have some reason for doing it that way.
  22. Well that's dumb. The Pru should have it as well.
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