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  1. Just locked in a trip to KC for July 9.. now I need a ticket! Anyone have a line on a single very good seat? Saw the boys in Atlanta and must do it again.. Thanks
  2. Great point. PLEASE keep your phone down by your face/chest... Speaking from someone who paid too much for floor seats in Atlanta, only to have the bozo in front of me constantly holding his phone over his head (and in my sight line), this can be extremely annoying.
  3. Yeah, and the credit card that you purchased the tix with. Will you please update us Tuesday, so we will know every thing is OK? As a follow up to my "lost" tickets. TT was very helpful. Emailed them on Saturday, they said they would send notification to box office for will call. Checked on Tuesday around noon.. no record of my will call. Called TT and spoke to customer service. Very helpful - had just sent list of will call tickets to box office and assured me that I was on the list. Went to box office at 6.30 pm, picked up tickets with receipt and ID. Went into arena, enjoyed a couple of beverages, and rocked hard to Rush. EXCELLENT SHOW! Thanks for all the help / concern. If you haven't yet seen this show, you are in for a real treat.
  4. Thanks all. I emailed TT and they responded quickly that they will send my request to the box office for will-call pickup. WHEW! Otherwise, if you see a stunned guy with his 13 y/o son in Alpharetta on Tuesday, have pity and sell him a cheap ticket... Thanks!
  5. It is Saturday and I can't get anyone on the phone with Tickets Today. We are headed to the Alpharetta show and just realize that we left our tickets at home!! Does anyone know the policy on ticket reissues or will-call? I have my receipt, but no tickets.. OR -- do i need to turn around and take an 10-hour round trip tomorrow? THANKS!!
  6. When does Rush normally announce a 2nd leg? Being in a city not on the first leg (Nashville), I want to know when I should start readying myself for the next set of pre-sales...
  7. Like others have said, I believe it won't be as loud as it could be in other parts of the arena. Speakers are above your head. The best thing is that the sound QUALITY will be excellent. Especially, hearing the drums un-amped. Of course, I could be wrong, as I was on the SECOND row on the TM tour.. huge difference from FRONT row!
  8. caught from Alex... http://www.rushisaband.com/graphics/ti/full/7910.jpg
  9. Great pics, and really nice video too. I was in second row, closer to Alex. Were you next to that crazy guy that was jumping up and down??
  10. Great pics. Were those with a cell phone, or did you have a camera? Going to the show in Nashville and have 3rd row. Would love to get some similar pics but am concerned about what to use. advice?
  11. Nashville show tickets arrived yesterday! Gettin' close, boys, gettin' close....
  12. Do they send a confirmation email with the FedEx tracking number? I paid the extra $ for FedEx, but did not receive a tracking confirmation number.
  13. I posted this in the Hot tubs... but wanted to try here too. Does anyone know how many seats are in the floor section aisles? I am in seat 10.. is this mid-row or end-row? Thanks@!
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