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  1. NS for JL would be HUGELY UNFAIR as NS has been done many times how bout NS for DEW? A shorter version of NS for SOR. Please?!?? If JL is an alternate, I think it is off for Newark. I will cry....
  2. Glad I got mine when I did. It was borderline I could swing it but after this forget it...
  3. My OS on my iphone is not 7.1 or greater so I can't download Persiscope
  4. So in guessing YYZ and RB will alternate and maybe SOR/NS/CTTH?
  5. They've played it on 6 live albums - I'm good without it for a change. Just trying to figure out the tour book setup
  6. So the "/" in the tour book WASNT an indication of a medley....
  7. The key here is if the go to Headling Flight wor a The Wreckers.
  8. Shortly after Neil's interview with Ladd where twice used the word "chronological", I made some lists based upon that. Without the tour book info, they will probably be my closest.
  9. After about 20-25 setlist creations since January, I got nothing more to give. Bring it on.
  10. If they're not medleys then the set becomes way to long unless you believe in alternates. Quite frankly, IMO, making the alternatives is a bizillon times worse than medleys. I'm going to one show. If I miss JL because it was at the "off" show, I'm going to pissed.
  11. That would be odd since TM and CA tour books listed them in order
  12. Or intentional. It's a controlled leak. They dictated it.
  13. Odds are pretty low but that'd be a great opener IMO. I think it'll be somthing that has high Geddy singing in it, so that maybe it'll be easier for him to finish early on in the set. Which one though, I have no idea but maybe it'd be a staple / hit like Freewill. I think it will be Clockwork Angels or Headlong Flight based upon the tour book credits. For the last two tours, the tour books have pretty much listed the songs in order. The only thing I worry about is that a non credited CA song like Caravan will open.
  14. email me your cell number to jhill@richeyzink.com and I will give you a song by song personal update dude!!! Just post them here. We will be waiting. :) Well, here's the problem. I have an iPhone 5. so I have battery problems. I'm not going to sit there for 3 hours eating up 4G posting songs. I just posted my email to this board. if you want to take a chance and send me your cell, I won't betray another Rush fan. We're all Rush Geeks here, so you'll just have to trust me. But I'm legit. Swear. Or you can wait to see what someone else posts. eventually you'll find out. I don't mind sending out some texts though Send you my cell? If I had one, I would, but I don't, so I will just have to sit here and wait patiently until a kind soul tells us what is going on in Tulsa. Thank you just the same for the offer! Can't you text to an email?
  15. I will be following @Rush_Roadtrips on twitter. He will be there
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