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  1. Wear a pair of Depends because you might just shit yourself. HAHA!!!!! OK, I just cackled out loud. Darn you. ;) I gotta say, I am ECSTATIC. I cannot wait!!!!!!! AGHHHH!!!!!!!! Time to jam!!! Hope to see you there Hobo!! Get ready to rock!! :haz: :rush: :rush: :haz:
  2. Is that what was going on? Haha I was in the 5th row at that point and I saw Alex kinda bantering with some people in the front row and he threw them a pick, but I didn't know what exactly they were doing Yep, they were pretty surprised to look up after their romantic moment and see Alex staring them down and start mocking them, making kissy faces, hugs, etc.. in typical Alex fashion. The sustained opening chords to TS gave him plenty of time to have fun with it!!! Okay, it's my turn to rant about non-musical show aspects of the GR show I witnessed firsthand!! Actually, the two lovebirds in question were right in front of me in the 2nd row. WTF!! They were sitting for a good part of the of the show, kissing and making out for most of the show. When he went to get drinks, she just sat and was texting on her phone! You could clearly tell she was really bored and uninterested in any of the music. Why the hell did he drag her there in the first place with 2nd row tix? Of course, when they stood up when the favorites were played, they and their male friend blocked my great view of Alex and I was surely pissed! They needed to find a room real bad; she surely didn't pay $$$ for her tix...(other payment arrangements were surely in place). Alex was watching them, mocking them and I was laughing my ass off! I gave him the :boo hiss: sign and he just grinned. Alex twice threw picks at me, as I was rocking out, but they whizzed right by me as I was steaming angry at that point!! In addition to the lovebirds in front of me, some half drunk asshole decided to squeeze himself in between me and the guy standing next to me during intermission. He was screaming and clapping like a madman! He kept thanking Rush...really man, it that necessary??? WTF???? I tolerated it solely because I had a great seat/view in 3rd row and didn't want to start a fight with the moron and get thrown out myself! Never again...assholes beware!! :rage:
  3. Earplugs are a definite must if you want to prevent that dreaded ringing in your ears for days with a killer headache to boot or worse! I use the Heros brand which filters the loud music and makes it so much clearer IMO! :ebert:
  4. Hey NS, I was the crazy female :rush: fan/freak right next to you on the rail! Boy, what a show!! I hope your ears aren't still ringing from my screaming most of the night. LOL!!! I just got home to Madison and I'm still buzzing from the excitement of the show!! On to Chicago!!! :haz: :rush: :haz: Hi! Nice to meet you! Wish I knew that then. Those seats were unbelievable. That was truely an amazing night. Madison. Nice. You had a bit of a drive. I did Jones beach last night. Second row right end of the row right in front of Alex. They did not do all those little solos they did in Hershey, so friday was truely a unique night. Have a blast in Chicago! Hope to meet you again in the near future! If they play it we will come... Hey NS. Glad to meet another fan like myself! Yeah, in front of Alex is a real treat that's for sure! He was watching me intently in Indy when I was in front of him in the 4th row. He must have thought I was nuts rocking out like crazy! He was quite amused! LOL!! Nah, I didn't drive (it's way too long at about 18 hrs one way even for a long weekend)...flew into Harrisburg, rented a car, and stayed with my mom in Lebanon, PA, where I grew up. Wow, being right in the front row was really magical as I had heard; being able to look at the guys close up and interact with them makes it all worth it!! On to Chicago, Grand Rapids & Milwaukee!! Hope to see you again soon!! They could play scales and I'd show up! LOL!!!
  5. Hey NS, I was the crazy female :rush: fan/freak right next to you on the rail! Boy, what a show!! I hope your ears aren't still ringing from my screaming most of the night. LOL!!! I just got home to Madison and I'm still buzzing from the excitement of the show!! On to Chicago!!! :haz: :rush: :haz:
  6. I'm a better late then never concert attendee! Been a die-hard fan since 1980 (hence my ID), but due to finances & constantly moving with my hubby's jobs never got settled until now. My six shows are all from this CA tour alone; 2 shows during 2012 leg; Indy & Chicago, 4 upcoming shows on 2013 leg: Hershey, Chicago, Grand Rapids & Milwaukee! I loved the Rush synth period so this tour really rocks.
  7. Another Happy Birthday wish for Kelly!! Hope it was fun!! :dweez: :ebert: :yay: :hi:
  8. Just really tragic! Three people trying to help make the world a safer place by understanding these monster storms. :(
  9. Congrats PM, that's great news! I knew that you'd find something much better than that rat hole you left behind! :ebert:
  10. Yeah, no kidding! Wondering how those Moore, OK residents can just rebuild AGAIN for the 3rd time and not think twice about it? I'd be like..."Get me the F*ck outta here!" :scared:
  11. I know, isn't he a cutie in this one? That smile, oh my gosh, can I just.... Ugh...this wait is just killing me! Just eleven more days until I see Mr. Sexy again!... :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. it works for me...Glenn has a nice collection of goodies!
  13. Okay, I arranged to get a ticket for this! Now I gotta book the Badger bus from Madison! I'm not driving in with all the horror stories that I've heard! No way man! :scared:
  14. Yep, I'm one of those still on the fence about this show. Thinking of buying a spare ticket from a fellow TRF'er. This might be the game changer for me! Thanks for the info!! :dweez:
  15. Happy Birthday Rod! Hope you have a great day! :yay: :banana:
  16. My thoughts exactly!....you gotta be nuts, or have rather large ones to do this.....LOL!!
  17. We can't kill Jann Wenner and all his cronies fast enough, that's why!! :madra:
  18. Two weeks, three days.... :drool: :drool: :drool:
  19. It's Goober's birthday?? Time to break out VT and crank the stereo until the windows rattle!! :dweez: :hi: :yay: :cheerleader:
  20. Looked and the only one I got left is Power Windows; got rid of the rest of 'em as I transferred everything over to the CD version. Not sure why I kept this one? Maybe because I loved this album, (and all the 80's synth stuff). So for the tour setlist to include these songs is just :drool: :drool:
  21. At the shows or the online store, Backstage.com :)
  22. Makes you wonder though...WTF were they thinking?? OH, I know, Ducky gave them way too much of this... I blame Sean Payton and the Saints. That was last year, we're good boys now! Makes you wonder though...WTF were they thinking??...oh, I know, Ducky gave them too much of these... :smoke: , right??? :laughing guy: :laughing guy:
  23. LOL!!! I think her diet consists of B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!! :laughing guy: :laughing guy:
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