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  1. My Sweet Babe showed me this. Felt the need to share it here. And ain't it the truth! http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll191/Headache2112/Rush-Makingyoufeellike_zps365cee13.jpg
  2. I've given it due reflection. You can raise objections, but for me "Show Don't Tell" is the "least good" opening song.
  3. Didn't see "The Colbert Report" with the Half a Life(son) bit. "Late Show" and every now and then if I'm home, "Price is Right" are the only shows I ever watch on CBS. So I didn't know anything about a Sunday show featuring music artists and the music they make. Which artists have they featured? Any that would suggest it's actually a possibility that Rush would be on?
  4. For those who may not know, David Letterman recently announced his retirement from his show on CBS. He's taking off sometime in 2015. CBS has already announced that Stephen Colbert will takeover the show when Letterman leaves. Of course, Rush appeared on Stephen Colbert's show, "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central. I can't help but wonder - and hope - that Colbert taking over "The Late Show", might mean that Rush will grace us all with an appearance on a Network television show. Maybe even Colbert's first night. Now that would be pretty cool. Rush does already have a history of sorts with CBS and "Late Show". Neil Peart performed during Letterman's First Drum Solo Week a couple of years ago.
  5. It benefits Stuart House. This is fantastic of Geddy and Alex to put themselves up for bid like this. As of this post, the bid is at $21,000.00. Great for them!
  6. Well that was a bit of fun, that was. Just a couple negative responses. (I think "the boys" will have to add one more Christmas song to the album just for them: "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".) Lots of nice comments. Some VERY nice!
  7. Just saw this on RolllingStoned.com and the ChristmazMuzicMusings website. I guess Eddie Trunk was right! This is incredible! Now I can't wait for November to get here!!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Universal Reports - April 1st, 2014 RUSH TO RELEASE ALBUM OF CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAY FAVORITES -Iva Heddeck, contributing TORONTO - Anthem/Roadrunner and SRO Productions have announced that Canadian rock group Rush will release an album of Christmas and Holiday song favorites just in time for the 2014 Holiday season. Bassist and lead vocalist Geddy Lee listed a number of songs which are planned for the album, including "White Christmas", "Silver Bells", "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", "Sleigh Ride" and "Here We Come A-wassailing". Guitarist Alex Lifeson said that the idea for the Holiday disc came to him this past Christmas Day as he relaxed on a Southwest Florida beach. "That Colbie Caillat song, "Christmas in the Sand" came on the radio and just stayed in my head. After an hour or so on the beach, the idea struck me. Rush has never done an album so different like this before." The closest Rush has come to such an album was 2004's "Feedback". That was an album of cover songs; tributes to recording artists of the 1960s who influenced the formative years of Rush. ""Feedback" was a blast. Playing that stuff in concert was really freeing." Not that Lifeson has any plans of touring on the upcoming Christmas album. "I don't know. I think there are a lot of fans who would be into it. I can hear them shouting out requests, "Hey, do Frosty!" Lee pointed out that while a rendition of "Frosty the Snowman" isn't actually planned for the album, they have been preparing an arrangement of the Charlie Brown Christmas favorite, "Christmas Time Is Here". Lifeson spoke of the Charlie Brown special: "Oh yeah, that's been a yearly tradition with (my family). That's a real tear-jerker. When he chooses that scrawny little tree and all the other Peanuts gang ridicule him. I mean, even the guy's dog laughs at him." Lifeson, who is also producing, revealed that fans can expect a special arrangement from Rush percussionist/lyricist Neil Peart. "It couldn't be a Rush Christmas album without "The Little Drummer Boy", and Neil is working on an all-percussion version of the song." Lifeson continued, "It's amazing watching him plan and rehearse. He has all these 'triggers' that set off different programmed sounds. Put together, he's able to pound out what is truly an incredibly eclectic and frankly, bizarre piece of music. It's really wild what Neil can do with those things and I know fans are really going to love his rendition of the song." Lifeson isn't new to the Holiday song market. Several years ago he contributed to the "Merry Axemas" album with his own guitar-laden version of "Drummer Boy". "That was a lot of fun to do and the proceeds went to a good cause." Reached for comment on the upcoming Holiday album, drummer and lyricist Neil Peart responded, "The esoteric quasi-sentimental nature of the theology and romanticized religious overtones and frankly, fanatical undertones of songs such as these, can be comparatively emotionally fatiguing and quite challenging to one's perfunctory and superlative ideologies. There is an ethical confrontation. A questioning of the amoral parameters of the self. In this instance, a battle of literal biblical proportions. Then too, I really dig "Susie Snowflake"." When asked about the mostly Christmas-leaning CD, Lee stated, "Even though I was raised Jewish, I still loved all those great Christmas songs growing up." However, it did take a bit of convincing for Lee to come around to the idea of a Christmas & Holiday album. "Feedback was such a self-indulgent exercise for us. But the fans went with it. As long as Al doesn't plan on touring with (the Christmas album), I don't think it's that much of a stretch for us." When reminded that the "Feedback" album had been released in 2004, and that 2014 would see the release of the Holiday album, Lee joked, "Yeah right. Maybe every 10 years now we'll do this sort of thing!" Pressed for more song titles that will appear on the album, Lee offered the tantalizing inclusion of an instrumental version of "The Dreidel Song". "We've got it down to seven and a half minutes right now, but we might reinstate some sections that we're just too much in love with." But why only an instrumental take on the Jewish Faith classic? "Lyrically, the song's a bit pedestrian. But musically, the tune kicks a lot of ass." Fans and critics alike might think that there's one Christmas song which would be an obvious for a Rush Holiday album, but when asked about it, Lee said it wouldn't work out. ""The Chipmunk Song"? God, no. I can't reach those notes anymore!" Look for the disc to hit mid-November with an advertising push and radio-play beginning early December. Additional: Rush's self-titled, debut album released 1974. Other career highlights: "2112", 1976, "Permanent Waves", 1980, "Moving Pictures", 1981, "Power Windows", 1985, "Roll The Bones", 1991, "Different Stages", 1998, "Snakes and Arrows", 2007, "Clockwork Angels", 2012. Solo Projects: Peart: "Burning For Buddy", 1994, Lee: "My Favorite Headache", 2000.  
  8. My profile name is not in any way related to Rush. I passed the GED at a time when leggings were the craze and I desperately wanted that craze to die. I decided to go with the Enzorian spelling of die (dy) as well as leggings (leegenes). Therefore, GED Die Leggings, or Ged dy leegenes. Forstood?
  9. What is this "rad - i - oh" of which you speak?
  10. http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll191/Headache2112/Conversationisntverygood_zps10d22a67.jpg Waiter, this conversation isn't very good.
  11. "My Favorite Headache" is a terrific CD. A lot of it does sound like Rush, which hey, ain't no bad thing. "Runaway Train" and "Home On The Strange" are top favorites. "Grace To Grace" and "My Favorite Headache" are right up there too. "Slipping" is probably the least Rush-like, but it's a great song. I mix these songs in with my home-made Rush discs, along with three songs from Alex's "Victor". ("At the End", "Mr. X" and "Strip and Go Naked". The rest of "Victor" doesn't do much for me. Well, "Shut Up Shuttin' Up" is funny, but you've got to be willing to put up with the chicks talking, and they just won't shut up.) I'm surprised there are Rush fans on these boards who haven't tried listening to "MFH". At least go and listen to the thirty-second clips that are available on Amazon. They give you some idea of what's on there. Oh, and yes, I'd love to have another Geddy solo album in my CD player.
  12. Thing is, if you really consider the lyrics, they definitely were not written by someone who was, in fact, a "working man". This guy gets up a Seven. He goes to work at Nine. Now, is he actually "leaving the house to go to work" at nine, or is he arriving at work at nine? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is indeed starting work at nine. How long of a day is he actually working? Because he's home by five o'clock! This guy doesn't even work an eight hour day. Technically, he could be considered a part-timer. Not really much of a "working man" who has no time for "living"!
  13. It's all four reasons. Escape fanatics Beat the Traffic Get To The Pot Get To the other Pot
  14. Here's a great joke you can play on a four year old kid. Teach him to talk wrong. That way, it's his first day of school and he raises his hand and asks, "May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?" The teacher will be like, "Wha? Give that kid a special test. Get him out of here." -Steve Martin
  15. Handle wicked gloves Handle wicked gloves Then you'll learn the lessons taught in school won't be enough Put on orchid gloves Put on orchid gloves Then you'll learn the lesson that it's cool to be so tough
  16. I believe the guys have acknowledged that they do have a lot of concert-recorded tracks sitting around gathering dust. I think a big problem at this point in releasing any of that stuff would be who has claims to it all? I could see Mercury Records running up with their hands out wanting hard cash because "Rush was under contract at the time of the recording." Still, I would love to hear what unreleased live stuff exists. And I do mean "hear"!
  17. It's a far cry from the way we saw Leif Garrett (and) You can almost see the circus bowling
  18. Interesting list, Whyarewe. I went ahead and worked up a list. We have about 25 or so of the same songs on our lists. Now, for some reason, this forum doesn't let me write with paragraphs any more, so this list is going to go sideways. Starting right here: ----- 50. Anthem - - - - - 49. Natural Science - - - - - 48. Driven - - - - - 47. Dreamline - - - - - 46. Test For Echo - - - - - 45. Finding My Way - - - - - 44. What You're Doing - - - - - 43. One Little Victory - - - - - 42. Witch Hunt - - - - - 41. In The Mood - - - - - 40. Beneath, Between and Behind - - - - - 39. The Analog Kid - - - - - 38. Workin' Them Angels - - - - - 37. Jacob's Ladder - - - - -36. Lessons - - - - -35. Working Man - - - - -34. Making Memories - - - - - 33. Turn The Page - - - - - 32. I Think I'm Going Bald - - - - - 31. Superconductor - - - - - 30. Before and After - - - - - 29. Roll The Bones - - - - - 28. Far Cry - - - - - 27. Time Stand Still - - - - -26. Red Lenses - - - - - 25. Scars - - - - - 24. Animate - - - - - 23. The Wreckers - - - - - 22. Malignant Narcissism - - - - - 21. Here Again - - - - - 20. No One At The Bridge - - - - - 19. Earthshine - - - - -18. Nocturne - - - - - 17. Limelight - - - - - 16. Time and Motion - - - - - 15. YYZ - - - - - 14. Freewill - - - - - 13. Closer To The Heart - - - - - 12. Subdivisions - - - - - 11. Red Barchetta - - - - - 10. The Trees - - - - - 9. Ghost Rider - - - - - 8. 2112 - - - - - 7. Headlong Flight - - - - - 6. Leave That Thing Alone - - - - - 5. Tom Sawyer - - - - - 4. Spirit of Radio - - - - - 3. La Villa Strangiato - - - - - 2. Mystic Rhythms - - - - - 1. Cut To The Chase - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you actually read this, thanks for your time. It's pretty irritating not being able to start a new paragraph. No idea why this has been happening. Doesn't happen on any other forum I post in.
  19. "Vapor Trails". And yes, definitely right there on first listen. I bought it the day it was released, rushed to my girlfriend's (now wife) house and locked myself in the room above her garage where I had my stereo set up. Put "VT" on. Listened to the whole thing straight through. Turned off the stereo. Sat there. Couldn't believe how awful it sounded. And I mean AWFUL. I was depressed. I mean it. Right there, right then. Depressed. Didn't listen to it again for a few days. I've always been unhappy with the sound of VT. Have always thought the sound was absolutely terrible. Grew to really like Ghost Rider, Nocturne and Earthshine. All three of those have become some of my absolute favorite songs - even with the awful sound quality. So I'm looking forward to picking up the VT-Remixed. Unfortunately, I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE! Will have to get it from Amazon. (Hey, how come I can't start new paragraphs on this forum any more? Anyone else have that problem here?)
  20. It will only be available to viewers of "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert". Check your local UHF stations.
  21. Album producer Rupert Hine sang the word, "Superconductor." My second favorite song off the album, following "Scars".
  22. Thanks for responding, Union. It seems like one of those silly, mostly hidden things the guys might do just to crack themselves up. Probably never know for certain!
  23. If you know the reference, what do you think? Is it a tribute to Hank Kingsley? No, not the entirety of the song. No, not all the lyrics. Just those two words. Hank Kingsley's catch phrase that irritated Larry. Think it was Neil? Think it was Alex who thought it would be funny? Think it was Geddy who just snuck it in there? Whenever I hear those two words in the song, I can't help but think of Hank Kingsley's smug, snarky face uttering the words. Anyone else? "The days were dark. And the nights were bright. Hey Now, I would never trade tomorrow for today."
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