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  1. Well, I'd pay the right price for the tickets to be up front. Also I do know quite a bunch of people who will definitely and always seem to be up front so I can always squeeze in with them :)
  2. Play that in 2015, Rivendell too :)
  3. yeah, i can keep dreaming i suppose...
  4. Listening to FTK this morning and examining the lyrics I couldn't help but think of the similarities to Game of Thrones, Hadn't seen to much about this online, but for a Zeppelin forum where someone brought it up, what are your thoughts? I only got into Game of Thrones in the past 6 months so didn't put these 2 together before that... Any GoT and FtK fans out there ? :)
  5. Can't wait until the next tour comes in around next year, I really want to finally get in the front row for a show without paying the after sale prices, need some help getting first pick at tix.... Who else in RI, MA, CT, NH area willing to help? Closest I've been is 2nd row... At least once, love to be a lucky one to get in the front and center!!! I'll bring my BLAH license plate to hold up!!!
  6. Don't go back to him. They all do the same thing, say they are sorry, they'll change, but people don't change. People never change who they are, and if he's doing this kind of thing to you, that's what he'll always go back to... There is no excuse EVER for abusing physically, emotionally, or verbally another human being!! Be safe and stay away... (get full custody of your daughter) and you'll never have to see this loser again..
  7. that stinks... hope it gets better, a friend of ours is going through the same thing as you right now.. :(
  8. your situation reminds of me when I was young and my mom was in an abusive relationship, she went back to him 2 or 3 times from what i can remember after divorcing, the whole "i promise to be better thing" , but really , it never worked out, finally she took us 3 kids and fled from our then 5 month living in FL and drove back to massachusetts and we stayed with relatives until we got back on our feet.... You've had issues long enough it seems.. time to get away , anyway you can... Hope it gets better soon...
  9. Happy Birthday to Geddy and ME :) and the band!!! 7/29/74 :D
  10. Tyvm. Unless someone tonight has one I doubt I'll have luck except on here from people like yourself.. :) us Rush rats stick together. .. I can pm you , yes ?
  11. la la la :) just bored waiting to leave work for the show tonight...
  12. Got 2nd row in Manchester last year, and I was blown away.. what's nice is the front row people usually move up to the fence, so it's no heads in the way for us 5' 7" guys... :P....
  13. Blahblah, BLAH blahblah blah blah Mohegan blahblah.. Blah blah blahblah Section 5. Blah Blahs :) BLAH blah , BLAH blah blah blah blah Waterfall Blah... Blah blah blah... - Brian
  14. i can post my favorite from tonite, tomorrow... :) woooooohooooo
  15. it's a Rush show.. does it really matter ? blah blah, blah blah blah, blah ? :rush:
  16. I don't sit at concerts ,but for the 1 time at a Weird Al show ,(yes laugh) , it's weird al, but the entire audience was parents and kids in maybe a 500 to 1000 seat venue....
  17. That sucks.. why bail on RUSH !! I have floor seats however, a different perspective could be interesting too, lol..
  18. I was curious as how I could get one of those coins as well, but 50gs is a bit outta my price range.. !!! Anyone else willing to part with one to a fellow Rush Rat.. some of these multiple VIP show members might have a spare :)
  19. In the year 2062, a galaxy-wide war results in the union of all planets under the rule of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. By 2112, the world is controlled by the "Priests of the Temples of Syrinx," who determine the content of all reading matter, songs, pictures - every facet of life. A man discovers an ancient guitar and learns to play his own music. Thinking he has made a wonderful discovery that will be a boon to humanity, he goes to present the guitar to the priests of the Temples, who angrily destroy it and rebuke him for unearthing one of the "silly whims" that caused the collapse of the previous civilization. He goes into hiding and dreams of a world before the Solar Federation. Upon awakening he becomes distraught and commits suicide. As he dies, another planetary battle begins resulting in the ambiguous ending "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation: We have assumed control." (This spoken section was created by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson reportedly "messing around with a tape recorder.") In the "VH1 Classic Albums" series about the album, Neil Peart confirmed that he intended the ending to be a happy one as the people of the Solar Federation are liberated. (Wikipedia)
  20. Really doesn't matter what they play , they freakin' rock the place every night.. my dream song to hear would be Fly By Night, but no luck.... ah well.. doesn't matter, I'll be there tonight, rocking out..
  21. Born 7/29/74 , soooooo, they've been the current form of Rush my entire life , since Neil joined on that day.... :) Plus sharing a birthday with Geddy is cool too..
  22. Had 2nd row for Manchester, NH, amazing.. didn't fork out VIP prices this time and on Floor further back, but it's all good :)
  23. I am agreeing that Donna could be doing it . She says she's going to make all efforts to be out there soooooo......
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