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  1. Which setlist are they playing San Antonio?
  2. QUOTE (CygnusGal @ Sep 4 2012, 06:27 PM) I really enjoyed his work in "The Green Mile". A very gifted actor. RIP One of my favorite films. RIP.
  3. Minor spoilers: So if you are looking for today's latest and greatest comedy, look no further The film opens up with your stereotypical grandma figure, funny as hell! She gets a crazy urge to break a box, but then begins breakdancing! Being super old, she kinda dies from this unfortunate incident...but besides that it is funny! After that, a dad and his two daughters go to a yard sale and buy the box the grandma tried to break, and then buy pizza, despite his ex-wife deliberately telling him not to buy pizza. Hilarious! Turns out the box they bought was possessed by an evil perverted Jewish demon. Jewish demon, tahahahaha! The demon likes to make funny things happen, like funny voices, rolling eyeballs, and making people break dance! Man that is so funny. By the end this guy with an epic hairdue puts on a robe and begins airhumping, man I was cracking up! Go watch this film, it's comedy gold!
  4. Anybody got the new album? It's self-produced, some pretty good stuff.
  5. Sure it is important, but college is so far much better, and it really is not the be all end all like some poster above me said. In Spanish we still call it prep school. But not because it is for "preps" but because it is a preparatory stage in life,to get you ready for real school: college. So learn all you can, make the most out of your education, don't worry about others and what they think of you,but don't be a douche either and just hang out with the right crowd. Begin to question everything, but never do so in a disrespectful way.
  6. Master put me on this thing woof! I love captivity woof!
  7. QUOTE (ColdFireYYZ @ Aug 30 2012, 03:33 PM) Trailer for Get All You Deserve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVyGKOyvFLY...player_embedded Holy f**k, the drumming
  8. I would love to have dinner with Socrates, and get my mind blown with some sort of conversation like in his dialogues (sure most are fictional, just based on things he might've said, but still...also, only if he spoke modern English ) I would like to party with either Frank Zappa or Alex Lifeson, maybe play rock band together Or real instruments but then I would get schooled And I want to be more like Bugs Bunny.
  9. It looks like too much for a regular length movie...looks like it should be a tv series.
  10. QUOTE (Union 5-3992 @ Aug 28 2012, 07:47 PM) Yeah man, I just started my Freshman year too. So far I've completely avoided alcohol (I got a bad heart to keep me away too) and other bad habits like that . I have yet to be assigned any work but I'm mentally preparing myself to seclude myself from the world by reading a lot. I spent about 5 hours reading about Nikola Tesla on Saturday, and about 3 on a Stephen King book today . I plan to continue late into the night. A nice advantage I have is having no class before 10am, and having only an hour lecture on Teusdays & Thurdsays. I see how much money is going into this and I want be sure that it is well spent. I will work as hard as I can and not piss this away. If you want to chat sometime, I'm up for it. I've made quite a few friends here too. One that's now one of my best friends. I'm down for some talking as well, so pm me if you guys would like I'm a bit busy but I like the idea of online connections, especially with other college freshmen
  11. Why are there very few votes for Lizard?
  12. Supper's Ready sounds sick. In both ways, awesome, and demented.
  13. QUOTE (priest_of_syrinx @ Aug 28 2012, 09:45 PM) http://store.cypherarts.com/catalog/nurserycryme.jpg I love all the Genesis covers but my absolute favorite one I was obsessed with happens to be Moving Pictures
  14. Hope he turns out okay! Doctors today and medical advancements are amazing. He'll be all right
  15. QUOTE (Tarkus406 @ Aug 26 2012, 10:21 PM) QUOTE (Good @ bad,andrush,Aug 25 2012, 10:51 PM) I'm a college freshman as well Loving it so far. I'm not really the kind to drink or smoke, and I love learning so I think I'll do good You think you'll do well. Psh sheesh, go to school! Don't waste your youth, Reeds, college is a great opportunity. Just think of the future and how much will be open to you once you're done with the hard stuff. I graduated high school in 2007 and decided to go to community college right away. Made it 2 semesters, then I got a job. Something in my head said "hey it'll be awesome to work more and go to school less! MORE MONEY! " So I was like "f**k YEAH LET's DO IT!" Big mistake. Sure, I made lots of money, some of which I still have socked away, but here I am just turned 23 and don't even have a two-year degree to speak of. Since then I've moved to a new state, gotten a new job as a Tool & Die design engineer (how I pulled that off, I have no idea...), and returned to community college to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I hope to really take off with that some day. Hopefully after I have my Associate's under my belt, I'll be able to get a better job with a higher income and be able to fully finance the education needed to complete a Bachelor's degree. However, because of my past decisions, I'm forced to take these actions in very small bites. I have a full time job to consider and a marraige in the works, which will include an impending home purchase and family. Who knows how I'll pay for it all, or if will even be able to. Don't get yourself into that situation, just get it over with now, while Mommy & Daddy are footing the bill! I've lost that, but I was a dumbass I wish the best of luck to you, buddy! Show us your shiny new degree in 4 years and make us proud. Psh Bad habit And I always correct people when they say good instead of well
  16. I'm a college freshman as well Loving it so far. I'm not really the kind to drink or smoke, and I love learning so I think I'll do good
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