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    May 24th 2008 Winnipeg
  • Favorite Rush Song
    2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Snakes and Arrows
  • Best Rush Experience
    Driving 9 hours to see them for the first time with my brother, and having row 7 on the floor, simply amazing!
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Guns n Roses
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  1. When they played here in Winnipeg on the Snakes and Arrows tour, I really thought they could've played Lakeside Park, as the show was on the 24th of May...
  2. QUOTE (kid-gloves @ Sep 28 2012, 09:50 AM) Hey KidGloves, looks like I'm going to have to change my name, or there may be some serious confusion about who's-who. I was also at Winnipeg-- 5th row Geddy's side. Crowd was really into it, with a few exceptions. Ticketmaster had released some 4th and 5th row seats late, and the dude in front of me in the 4th row must have been a non-fan who picked up a ticket. He stayed seated through the entire first set while people around him were jamming. Then he left during intermission never to return. I'm not complaining, though-- better view for me! same on my side! Who sits at a RUSH concert?!?!?!?! If it was up to me, all concerts, football and hockey games would be 'stand only'!!
  3. GREAT show last night in Winnipeg!!!! Row 5, Alex's side, crowd was much more into it than I thought they would've been, considering all the different stuff they played! Also lots of younger people standing around me, and I'm only 24! Liked seeing that! Really wanted to hear Body Elec, and 7 cities, but hey, show still ROCKED! Loved all the effects throughout the show, especially for the Clockwork stuff! Once again though, RUSH proved to me why they are the best! Wish they could play until the year 2112!
  4. I think I just signed up through their site?! One thing though, I got pre-sale tickets the second they were available and got some row 12 floors, but when the general public tickets went on sale, I also tried, and got row 5!!!!! So they're not always better seats!
  5. LOVE IT!!! With such a HUGE catalogue, it's going to be hard to please everyone, especially those posting on a RUSH forum. still though, 26 songs! and they still will probably change it a bit in the next few shows ?!
  6. Hey, gotta play some tunes for the 'radio hit' fans, you know, the people that fill up half the arenas!!!! I for one haven't seen working man live yet (well only been to 2 shows) so I'd really like to see it! EFF YEAH, RUSH!
  7. Oh I'm loving this setlist, currently have my Power Windows vinyl cranked, next should be my GUP! YEAHHHHH!!!! RUSH!!!!!
  8. What time does the show start??? 19 days and counting for myself!!
  9. SNAKES AND ARROWS!!!!!! I like CA, it's still growing on me, the Garden is still highly overrated IMO, but Seven Cities of Gold is FANTABULOUS But yeah, I absolutely LOVE S&A, one of my all time favorite albums, like, Malignant Narcissism!!!!! 25 days!
  10. ^^^^ Winnipeg is for sure a hot/cold crowd, I though, ALWAYS have a blast, even in the nose bleeds!!!! Can't believe I just saw a PAIR of row 6 left in WPG, I have row 5, closest I've been for RUSH!!! (previous was row 11, 9) OMG I'm excited!!!!!!! 25 days!
  11. I got row 12 on the floor through the presale, but then when they went on sale yesterday, I scored some ROW 5!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Since I'm here again, any way someone from the Winnipeg area can help me make sure I get close tickets??? Just 2 is needed for my sister and I, damn I can't wait, skip summer for RUSH!!!!!
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