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  3. Volunteering at this today and tomorrow. https://icons-series.com/
  4. Honestly? Yes! I actually love it more and more every time I return. Run Of The Mill really stood out this time.
  5. I've ordered my copy, with the extra tracks. I'm actually interested in the Sammy Hagar extra track, I think that's a song that will suit Megadeth.
  6. it's going to be a long wait
  7. I found a used car online that I want at a dealership near us! That is so unlike me, I care zero about cars; only if they have a good sound system. This one interests me because I am tired of tent camping after these many years. This used 2007 Acura MDX suv thing can pull 5000 lbs! I can look at actual beat up campers! (Look being the optimal word. We have 2 very serviceable vehicles with lots of life left in them. I think I'm stuck with the Camry for awhile longer. I love it but it won't pull much.)
  8. Fair assessment! Perry is a bit weird for me. Especially on a lot of Escape his voice actually kinda annoys me, just the timbre of it. That's not to say I don't generally like his voice, but for me it gets a bit overwhelming after a while, which is probably why I prefer the records where he has Greg to bounce off of. I could see myself rating Lou Gramm over him, who just has a perfect voice for rock and roll, exactly all the right ingredients. And I'm also very very fond of Brad Delp, who gets just as stratospheric as Perry yet somehow doesn't get on my nerves. And if we're counting Steve Walsh, I think he's my number 1 in the category. But Perry's great!
  9. i don't really consider Kansas full fledged AOR unless 80's kansas are included. 70's kansas was a weird Prog/AOR fusion. and even than more prog than AOR. But if we are including Walsh. he's brilliant but i prefer Perry, LOL Mick
  10. But you made one fatal mistake this was a 73 the Greatalyser. Take him away, Beryl!
  11. hmmmmm....... I'll grant you he's better than most, but I wonder if you're including Steve Walsh in your assessment.
  12. i'm playing Raised now. and there are MOMENTS where he brings out the gravel but it's a lot of clean voice perry too. what a class Act of a vocalist. best AOR singer ever and no one can change my mind. Mick
  13. I have that one! I actually haven't played it in like months, and for some reason I can't remember it right now, but I think I remember you being right. It just kinda goes away. Crazy, man just casually records songs with his gravelly voice that I don't think ever would've worked with his normal voice, then goes back to normal.
  14. No, my name is spelled "73" but it's pronounced "Throatwobber Mangrove."
  15. But surely the world record is still held by Claude Giroux who tried to play with a hole in his lung and two other injuries. (2010)
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