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What Geddy was up to in April . . .


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Here is an update on an event Geddy attended in London last week, with accompanying photo- (all from RushIsABand- thank you!)


"The Teenage Cancer Trust's annual fundraising event is taking place at Royal Albert Hall in London all last week and the festivities kicked off April 19th with an Evening of Comedy hosted by John Bishop. Rush's Geddy Lee is a big fan of British comedy and has a residence in London, so it's no surprise that he was at the show as seen in this tweet from the Teenage Cancer Trust's Music Manager Angie Jenkison. The Who's Roger Daltrey is the Patron of the event, which is now in its 16th year."


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In April, Geddy was also up to:


Traveling to France with wife, Nancy, to gorge on fine wine and cheese... preparing to attend some Blue Jays games in Toronto... buying more vintage bass guitars... eating smoked meat sandwiches from Pincer's Deli in Willowdale and - calling Alex and Neil and saying, "Guys, get your effing asses over here right now! I have an idea for a new killer concept piece that'll be pushing 26 minutes when it's done."


Alex hopped into his Mercedes and Neil hopped onto his BMW. Then, they called Terry Brown and booked some studio time at Metalworks in Mississauga.


Then I woke up...

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